The New English Teacher: Vol. 15. No.1, (2021)

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    Peer feedback Facebook approach on English writing skills of Grade 7 students, Samutprakarn
    This study aimed to; 1) investigate the effects of peer feedback roles on English writing in a Thai context, 2) examine whether peer feedback can enhance writing skills on writing organization, using appropriate words, and using appropriate tenses, and 3) investigate the students’ attitude towards peer feedback roles on writing in a Thai context. Twenty-four students were picked with simple sampling from 450 students in grade 7 at Rajpracha Samasai Rachadabhisek School, Samutprakarn Province, Thailand. A quasi-experimental type is employed. In the first week, twenty-four students were trained on peer feedback roles, as both feedback contributors and feedback receivers on three topics of writing skills; writing organization, how to use appropriate vocabulary and correct tenses. Writing assignments on similar writing skills were assigned from the second week to the seventh week consecutively. In the eighth week, the post-tests were given to everyone. The students’ attitude interview form was used to check their attitude. The findings were; 1) peer feedback roles had significant difference in writing skills between the students’ pretest and post-test at the level p >.05, skills on writing organization, using appropriate words, and using appropriate tenses at the level p >.05 respectively. The students’ attitudes towards peer feedback roles mentioned that feedback roles facilitated their writing skills. The findings may be useful for fabric writers in writing instructions to feature Facebook peer feedback activities in the textbooks or supplementary materials as alternative activities or duties for instructors and students.