International Research E-Journal on Business and Economics : Volume 6 Issue 1 2021

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    Factors affecting customer loyalty towards hearty heart cosmetics: a case study local brand in Yangon, Myanmar
    (Assumption University Press, 2021) Soe, Sint Sint ; Chompu Nuangjamnong
    This research aims to determine the factors affecting customer loyalty towards Hearty Heart Cosmetics, a local brand in Yangon, Myanmar. The objectives of this research are: 1) to determine the impact of perceived value on customer loyalty; 2) to determine the impact of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty; 3) to determine the impact of service quality on customer loyalty; 4) to determine the impact of brand image on customer loyalty; 5) to determine the impact of trust on customer loyalty; 6) to determine the impact of customer intimacy on customer loyalty; 7) to explain customer loyalty, perceived value, customer satisfaction, service quality and brand image, trust and customer intimacy. The questionnaire was distributed to 400 samples to collect the data. The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation (S.D.). Inferential statistics was used to test the hypotheses and used multiple linear regression analysis at the significant level of 0.05. In this research, the results revealed that there are four variables that have a significant effect on customer loyalty namely: perceived value, customer satisfaction, brand image, and trust. The other two variables service quality and customer intimacy have no significant effect on customer loyalty .
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    Factors influencing repurchase intention on e-Commerce platforms: a case of GET application
    (Assumption University Press, 2021) Sophida Chanthasaksathian ; Chompu Nuangjamnong
    Although the global economy has been challenged by the coronavirus pandemic, online delivery service businesses have grown enormously. Hence, a great number of newcomers have jumped into the market aiming to leverage customers' insight to adopt in their other businesses. There is high competition in this industry which is expected to intensify. This study focuses on GET application and aims to determine the influence of independent variables namely; privacy, reliability, trust, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness towards online repurchase intention in Bangkok of Thailand. This research uses the quantitative method. The data is collected through questionnaires. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze the demographic factors and general information of the respondents. Inferential analysis was applied to tests the hypotheses of the study. Nevertheless, the result shows that GET application is ranked as the most used delivery app among all online delivery services platforms, although they are not considered as the best. Regarding the findings of this research, each variable has been emphasized and analyzed, therefore, this research has shed light on what factor is the most influential towards customer repurchase intention which can allow GET application could improve or innovate their platform. In this study, results revealed that privacy has a positive significant effect on trust, also, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness have a positive significant influence on perceived usefulness while reliability, trust, perceived ease of use, and perceived usefulness have a positive significant effect on online repurchase intention on GET application platform at a p-value less than .05.
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    The influence of social media advertising value on consumer behavior in Renting Apartment Rooms in Bangkok, Thailand
    (Assumption University Press, 2021) Teeramedh Dummanonda ; Chompu Nuangjamnong
    This study examines the factors that influence of social media advertising value towards rental intention behavior of apartment rooms in Bangkok Thailand. The study used the variables of credibility, information, entertainment, and social media advertising value. The researcher carried out the analysis based on quantitative approach and applied a non-probability sampling and convenience sampling. A total of 450 respondents who experienced using advertising in searching information about renting apartment rooms in Bangkok participated in this study. The descriptive statistic used frequency and percentile to explain demographic information meanwhile inferential statistics such as simple linear regression (SLR) and multiple linear regression (MLR) were used to explain the causal relationship between social media advertising value and rental intention behavior. The results of multiple linear regression revealed that information, entertainment, and credibility have significant influence on social media advertising value because all the p-value are less than .05 and these can indicate that credibility, information, entertainment have significant influence on social media advertising value. Lastly, social media advertising value has significant effect on rental intention behavior because the p-value is less than .05.
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    Online shopping continuance intention: a case study of online shopping in Thailand
    This study determines individual’s online shopping continuance intention in Bangkok,Thailand , how to retain existing consumers and attract new consumers, to find the most influencing key to Thai consumer’s shopping continuance intention, to understand Thai consumers’ online shopping continuance intention . The study included 400 respondents living in Bangkok and have purchased IT products online in the past six months. This study used non-probability purposive sampling technique and questionnaire for data collection. The results of study showed that time-oriented lifestyle, price-oriented lifestyle, and net-oriented lifestyle have significant impact on satisfaction with online shopping, while satisfaction with online shopping has a significant impact on continuance intention.