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    Leadership is skin deep: a new way of being through inside-out effect leadership and its strategies in teaching
    (Academic Fora, 2016-03) Shirzad Mansouri ; Nathara Mhunpiew
    Leadership is a new way of being. Successful organizations and institutions are led by people who have certain qualities which are deeply rooted inside of them and when come into view are leading to solutions which lead to the development of the organization as well as its people. This inside-out effect of self and self- development can be a key of success for the leader to pave the way for more sustainable development in the organization as well as in its individual components. Inside out effect is a transformational change which occurs within a leader and reflects the beauty inside to the world outside by creating relationship in the process of his leadership. The main goal of the current paper is to review the way this internal process occurs and manifested in whole person called leader from different theoretical perspectives. Therefore, the current review is going to explore the concept of self and its role in self-leadership as well as to propose strategies for teacher leaders in enhancing their awareness on personal qualities in leading their classrooms.
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    Brain Circulation: the Issue of Brain Drain and Brain Gain
    (SPR Academic Forum, 2016-08) Nathara Mhunpiew ; Mark Kolenberg
    Nowadays in our modern society, globalization and advanced technology have led to new ways of learning. Until the end of the 20th century, learning occurred particularly through traditional way of learning such as in-class education. Students or learners did not have the choice in the way of learning – in-class or online – they had to go to class and learn in the classroom with teachers and other students. Since the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century new ways of learning have emerged: it is now possible in nowadays modernized society to study and learn outside the classroom thanks to new technologies including internet and social networks. This type of learning is commonly called ‘e-learning’ referring to online education. After reviewing documents, researches, dissertations and theses related to this topic, this article will aim at emphasizing the importance of online learning in today’s society, as well as the difficulties the latter is facing to be used, implemented and developed due to its ‘newness’. When it comes to comparing online education and traditional classroom learning, it seems that the key advantages of online education are flexibility, accessibility and availability at all times and places. These give learners the advantage to get connected to their education wherever they are and whenever they need to, which is not the case for traditional in-class learning. Therefore, online education should be nowadays implemented and developed as much as traditional education, considering its numerous long term advantages and benefits.