AU GSB: Vol. 9, No. 1 (June 2016)

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    The influences of store atmosphere on purchase intention toward a fast fashion brand in Bangkok
    (Assumption University Press, 2016) Pitchayapa Siddhibphongsa ; Kim, Seongdok
    The objective of this research is to investigate how store atmosphere influences purchase intention in fast fashion brands in Bangkok. There is robust growth and high competition in the fast fashion's market. Seven factors, which are music, color, lighting, traffic flow, space allocation, product display, and window display, are selected in order to find statistical relationship with purchase intention based on thorough literature review. Findings of this current research show that color, lightening, traffic flow, product display and window display have statistical influence on purchase intention whereas music and space allocation have not. This result provide important managerial implications to fast fashion industry to focus on purchase intention to enhance sustainability and profitability. Further investigation of the factors contributing to purchase intention and in other geographical areas is suggested for future studies.
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    OD interventions to develop commitment and engagement in software development teams
    This paper presents some of the OD interventions to develop Commitment and Engagement in a software development company. It is based on the study of Preudhikulpradab, S. (2011) "Organization Spirituality: Commitment, Awareness, Readiness, and Engagement (C.A.R.E.) for Organization Development and Transformation: A Case of ABC Co., Ltd. This paper presents only the business practices, processes, and recommendations related to Commitment and Engagement in the focal system of the research.
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    A study of factors that affect consumer's attitude toward a "skippable in-stream ad" on YouTube
    Understanding consumer's attitudes toward advertising is imperative for marketers/advertisers. This research aims to study the factors that affect consumer's attitude toward a "skippable in-stream ad" on YouTube. The independent variables are "entertainment," "informativeness, " "credibility," and "irritation." The dependent variable is "consumer's attitude toward a 'skippable in-stream ad' on YouTube. The researcher used convenience sampling and online survey to develop and distribute questionnaires to the target population. The target population is consumers who have had some experiences and/or exposures to a "skippable instream ad" on YouTube. The researcher obtained data from 294 respondents; however, only 290 respondents met the research's requirement. Pearson correlation coefficient, multiple linear regression, independent sample t-test, and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were conducted in this research. The findings indicate that "entertainment, " "informativeness," and "credibility" have a positive relationship with "consumer's attitude toward a 'skippable in-stream ad' on YouTube" while "irritation" has a negative relationship with "consumer's attitude toward a 'skippable in-stream ad' on YouTube." "Entertainment," "credibility, and "irritation" are significant factors in predicting "consumer's attitude toward a 'skippable in-stream ad' oh YouTube." The findings also suggest that a "skippable in-stream ad" should appear pre-video and the appropriate length of the ad should be around 15 seconds and not more than 20 seconds.
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    Why PhD students at a private university Thailand delay completing their doctoral dissertation or drop out
    (Assumption University Press, 2016) Barnes, John
    As a faculty member at a private university in Thailand, it is noticeable that the majority of doctoral students substantially delay writing their dissertation or drop out. It is to be emphasized that the program under discussion is a part-time program for students who work full-time with completion of their doctoral program scheduled over 3 to 5 years (i.e. semesters 6 to 10). Discussions with colleagues and friends from other doctoral programs both in Thailand and abroad, reveal that it is common for such programs to have slow or a low completion rate .(Mournier and Tangchuang, 2010). A review of the literature confirms that low completion rates (30%) are also common locally and internationally. (Dunn, 204, Marshall and Green 2007, Phillips and Pugh, 2000, Atkinson and Parry, 1997). The purpose of this study is to identify (through a review of the literature and through anecdotal evidence) the nature of the problem; the impacts on the several parties involved and to propose an educational management solution to the problems of drop-out or delay completion of a PhD.
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    Dark tourism: push-pull motivations, satisfaction experience and post behavioral intention-sites of Death Railway tragedy Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand
    (Assumption University Press, 2016) Raweewan Chanuanthong ; Batra, Adarsh
    The study investigated the "push and pull' motivations of visitors at the war memorial sites of the WWII Death Railway museums and cemeteries in Kanchanaburi Province. Also, the study identified how "push and pull' motivations influenced the satisfaction experience and post behavioral intention. Additionally, the study also attempted to explore the relationship between satisfaction of the experience and post behavioral intention. The research utilized self-completion surveys (handed-out) as the quantitative research instrument. The research revealed that there were six motivational factors but only four factors were used in the analysis to explore and reveal their influence on the experience satisfaction and post behavioral intention. It is recommended that tourism-related providers related to sites of Death Railway tragedy should understand the importance of the motivational factors of the visitors and combine these into travel programs and marketing.