AU eJIR : Vol. 7, Issue 2 (2022)

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    Influencing factors of artistic postgraduates' behavior of comprehensive materials art creation in Chengdu
    (Bangkok : Assumption University Press, 2022) Zhang, Xueyong
    This study explores the factors influencing the artistic creation behavior of comprehensive materials among postgraduate students majoring in art in Chengdu, China. This paper assumes that students' final creative behavior is determined by Perceived Usefulness (PU), Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU), Social Influences (SI), Subjective Norms (SN), Attitude Toward Using (ATU), and Behavioral Intention (BI). The determinants of this study are taken from three core theories; namely, planned behavior Theory (TPB), Technology acceptance model (TAM) and flow theory. The researchers used quantitative methods for the analysis and used judgmental and quota sampling as a convenient sampling tool to identified 500 data of the postgraduates at five target universities. In this paper, structural equation model (SEM) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) are used to analyze the model fitting, the reliability and validity of variables to ensure the rationality of the hypothesis. The preliminary results show that attitude toward using has the strongest positive and significant influence on behavioral intention, followed by social influence and subject norms. The direct relationship between perceived ease of use and behavioral intention is not significant while the results show that perceived usefulness has a great influence on individual's attitude toward the use of comprehensive materials. Finally, behavioral intention determines the actual behavior of using comprehensive materials by art majors in Chengdu, China. Analysis results show that the comprehensive material widely used in the artistic creation of students, weather students use comprehensive materials to create was mainly affected by PU and SN, in addition, social influence, attitude toward using and behavior intention in different extent, also affect the use of the behavior, so the professional art universities should attach importance to the comprehensive materials course education settings, and improve students' effective cognition of comprehensive materials art.
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    Significance of robotic cholecystectomy over laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the management of cholecystitis: a case study of factors influencing patients' decision at a hospital in Texas, USA
    (Bangkok : Assumption University Press, 2022) Ahuja, Vikrom
    The increasing cases of cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation) among the patient population call for more corrective measures to improve clinical outcomes. Notably, LC (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) was the standard surgical procedure for managing gallbladder ailment. However, with technological advancement, a robotic-aided technique (robotic cholecystectomy) was introduced based on the idea that it improves on some of the shortcomings associated with LC. Notably, RC involves a single incision, hence, it is less invasive than LC. The research objectives aim at establishing the RC's clinical significance over LC. It also analyzes the factors that inform patients' decisions regarding their preferred cholecystitis management procedure. A literature review of the current scholarly information on the subject was conducted to gather insights that somehow informed the study. The researchers employed a descriptive and explanatory research design based on mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative ones). Besides, the target population for this study was selected from Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. Although the scholars had projected a 292 sample size based on the Yamane formula, they gathered 350 voluntary participants comprising 250 cholecystitis patients and 100 surgical unit healthcare professionals. The data collection tools included surveys and interviews. The collected information was analyzed using MS Excel and SPSS statistical tools. The findings showed that cholecystitis patients analyzed factors such as the degree of pain, cost, postoperative complications, operation duration, scarring, and recuperation rate before making decisions. RC proved to have more benefits than LC. However, LC was still preferred in some cases because it is cheaper and takes less surgical time.
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    A proposed service portal platform for appliance maintenance in Bangkok
    (Bangkok : Assumption University Press, 2022) Hao Hao Suwanpanmanee ; Shinasharkey, Taminee ; Unyapoth, Asis
    Nowadays, handheld device is the tool people carry all along their daily life for both personal and business purpose especially for service and shopping proposes. Currently, there are already existing several famous portals for shopping goods for example Shopee, Lazada, and Central. However, the services such as maintenance service, are still seen either limited to physical barrier in the local area or sitting in the unadvertised domain name unless visited physically. This paper presents a proposed service platform for maintenance daily life appliance usage which scattered across cities by initiate a portal application. Looking at many famous applications to utilize as customer service platform, LINE application was chosen as launching service channel. The application provides the functions that allows customer who bring their appliance to drop at the specific locations and customers to bring in their shoes, choose the service type and make payment, and pick up later when notified as finished. Whilst back office is located locally, the orders coming in and out can be picked up by scheduled transport without the need to consume expensive space. The trial location is established. By integrating maintenance service over IT, local maintenance service like shoes fixing can obtain more traffic and deliver more value. Each pair of shoes are separated by order which can be tracked for individual. Both cobblers and customers can communicate via LINE to eliminate any confusions and mistakes. This brings more transparency, reliability, and trust to the customers.
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    Factors influencing repurchase intention toward dairy products in generation y in Bangkok, Thailand
    (Bangkok : Assumption University Press, 2022) Jakkarin Klaiklung ; Chompu Nuangjamnong ; Supaporn Phengpis
    The study aims to determine the effect of purchase intention in dairy products in generation Y consumers. Attitude, brand loyalty, perceived value, health consciousness, subjective norm, and purchase intention are investigated in the study. The sample (384 respondents) was collected from an online survey using a non-probability sampling method by using convenience sampling technique and snowball sampling technique. The data were analyzed by descriptive analysis, simple linear regression, and multiple linear regression to examine the hypotheses with a five-point Likert scale analysis. The study revealed that attitude, brand loyalty, perceived value, and subjective norm significantly influence purchase intention. Health consciousness has a significant influence on attitude. The finding found that perceived value and attitude are the key factors that impact customer purchase intention. Additionally, the study proposes that to increase customer purchase intention is to understand the attitude and perceived value of generation Y customers. The study’s weakness is the small sample size, and the sample size is in Bangkok, Thailand. In conclusion, form research may not be like other locations and does not represent Thai customers.
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    Effecting of celebrity endorsement on customers' attitude towards advertisement and purchase intention: a case study of a skincare soap in Thailand
    (Bangkok : Assumption University Press, 2022) Attaphorn Natithamapimuke ; Chompu Nuangjamnong
    This research paper is conducted to inspect the effect of celebrity endorsement which includes 3 elements of celebrity source credibility which are celebrity attractiveness, celebrity trustworthiness, and celebrity expertise on customers’ attitudes towards advertisements and also their purchase intention. The sample of 400 respondents was drawn using an online questionnaire. After getting the responses, the data is analyzed using descriptive analysis together with multiple linear regression. The research found out that all of the endorsed celebrity elements have a positive impact on customers’ attitudes towards advertisement, however, for customer’s purchase intention, only 2 of 3 elements that do not include celebrity trustworthiness positively affect customer’s purchase intention. In addition, this research also states about possible further studies and recommendations which mainly focus on eliminating restrictions and limitations considering a variety of respondents limited only to Bangkok, Thailand.