International Research E-Journal on Business and Economics : Volume 3 Issue 1 2017

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    Factors affecting customer satisfaction on organic facial foam: a case study of customers who used organic facial foam
    (Assumption University Press, 2017) Wisinee Sangchanrung
    Facekute Facial Foam has been established in 2015. The primary target market is teenagers and young adults aged 13 – 25 years old. The product is available and sold mainly online. This research aims to identify factors that affect customer satisfaction on Organic Facial Foam, to define the relationship between customer satisfaction and product quality, reliability, price, product design; to determine the impacts of each independent variable on dependent variable, and to provide recommendations for improvement. The scope of this research focused on customers aged 13 – 25 year old who purchased and used Facekute Facial Foam. The survey was conducted online. The research instrument was an online questionnaire and data was collected from sample of 278 experienced customers. The significance and relationships of product quality, reliability, price, and product design on customer satisfaction were analyzed by using the multiple linear regression. The result provided important managerial implications to organic facial form industry to focus on customer satisfaction in order to augment profit.
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    Factors affecting customer satisfaction on Brand X green tea: a case study of Bangkok consumers
    This research determines the factors affecting customer satisfaction on Brand X green tea as well as the relationship between independent variables (quality of tea, price, brand image, and health concern) and dependent variable (customer satisfaction). The quantitative method was used in this research. The sampling procedure is non-random snowball sampling. The survey questionnaire is an online questionnaire via social network including Facebook, Line application, and Twitter. The scope of this research includes 385 Bangkokians who have purchased Brand X green tea. The data analysis used a statistical analysis program to perform descriptive, correlation, and multiple linear regression. The research found that the quality of tea is the most significant factor in customer satisfaction. Price and brand image have significant relationships with customer satisfaction. In contrast, health concern has no significant relationship with customer satisfaction on Brand X green tea.
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    Factors influencing purchase intention towards a retail clothing company
    This research aims to investigate the factors affecting purchase intention towards retail clothing store . Four independent variables were selected in this research; perceived service quality, perceived value for money, brand awareness, and celebrity/brand congruencies. To measure the construct of the research instrument, a survey questionnaire was administered and data were collected from sample of 400 respondents who were customers of a retail clothing company, utilizing convenience sampling techniques. The significance and relationships of perceived service quality, perceived value for money, brand awareness, and celebrity/brand congruencies on purchase intention were tested and analyzed using the MLR. The result showed that all independent variables are positive predictors of purchase intention towards a retail clothing company. This result provided important managerial implications to retail’s management to focus on brand awareness to enhance customers’ purchase intention and profitability. Further investigation of the factors contributing to purchase intention such as sale promotion is highly suggested for future studies. Keywords: perceived.
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    Factors influencing job satisfaction of Gen X and Gen Y in a financial institution: a case study of global payment service department
    Financial institutions are very competitive and developing its human resources is one of the strategies to make companies strong and competitive. Job satisfaction is one of the key factors that motivate employees to do their best. In this research, data was collected using offline and online questionnaire from 135 employees who currently work at a Global Payment Service Department. The survey included five-point Likert scale to measure four independent variables (participation in decision making, empowerment, reward and recognition and workplace environment) and job satisfaction. The findings indicated that it is important for managers to improve job satisfaction to enhance retention rate and job loyalty.
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    Identification of impact of atmospheric attributes upon buying intention of customers in Bhat Bhateni Supermarket in Nepal
    (Assumption University Press, 2017) Konark Rajbhandari ; Apichart Intravisit
    The rise of supermarket business through changing consumer’s behavior in the cities of Nepal, atmospheric attributes, as an integrated part of supermarket business, has become a strategic tool in creating persuasive channel in a supermarket. The purpose of this paper is to describe atmospheric attributes of Bhat Bhateni Supermarket in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal and to which the impact made by these attributes towards buying intention of customers of the store. There were 400 questionnaires distributed to the customers who have at least visited Bhat Bhateni Supermarket once. The analysis of Multiple Linear Regression and Simple Linear Regression Analysis was applied to visualize the relation between dependent and independent variables. The findings of the research described the Nepalese consumers’ views on the atmosphere of Supermarket in Kathmandu Valley and to identify the extent to which atmospheric attributes of Kathmandu Valley’s Supermarket has impact upon Nepalese consumers’ buying intention. The researcher suggests room for improvement to the Nepalese marketers who use store surrounding and atmosphere as a marketing tool in Nepal’s supermarket industry. There exist an impact of general interior of the store, store layout or the interior display and human variables of the store. Therefore, the atmospheric attributes play a key role in the success of supermarket.