ABAC Journal: Vol. 38 No. 1 (January-June 2018)

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    Tobacco smoking behaviors of baccalaureate students, Thailand
    (Assumption University Press, 2018) Kanyaphat Setchoduk
    The smoking behaviors of youths and young adults have changed worldwide. This study aims to explore the tobacco smoking behaviors of a university students which includes the type, duration, amount, frequency, reason, addiction level, and family history of smoking. Descriptive cross-sectional study was used with the university students in Thailand. Proportional Random Sampling technique was used to recruit 440 participants from 10 faculties. Results revealed that 33% of participants were currently tobacco smokers. The types of tobacco smoking use among university students that were included in the study consisted of tobacco cigarettes (11.1%), electronic cigarettes (1.4%), water-pipes (0.9%), more than one type of tobacco smoking (20.7%), second hand smoking (61.8%), and never smoked and only exposed to second hand smoking (4.1%). The common duration of tobacco smoking among university students was less than 6 months. They usually smoke less than 3 rolls of cigarette per day. The main reason for smoking were to promote relaxation, to socialize with friends, and preference for tobacco products’ smell and taste. The key inducement in all types of tobacco smoking among this group was friends. Most traditional tobacco cigarette smokers reported that they were addicted to smoking but other participants who smoked other kinds of tobacco smoking rejected tobacco addiction. Moreover, most of the participants have no other tobacco smokers in their family. Strengthening campus tobacco free policies and effective smoking cessation programs for university students are crucial.
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    An application of berlin's concept of value pluralism to the Indian tradition
    (Assumption University Press, 2018) George, Darwin Joseph
    India has a long rich history tolerant coexistence and cultural interaction among its many diverse cultural and religious groups. But today, there is a promotion of a kind of nationalism which identifies with certain religions or cultural groups at the exclusion of others. The temptation is to try to strengthen India as a nation-state at the expense of its pluralistic past. The philosophy of Isaiah Berlin is valuable in this context, for it shows that value pluralism is not incommensurable with liberal democracy and that the two can support one another . He recognizes that an individual can pursue freedom, but that they also possess an innate ability to respect the freedom of others. In this regard, he develops the notion of fantasia or imagination as a faculty which is instrumental in creating understanding and tolerance of other cultural beliefs and practices. This essay will show how through these processes described by Berlin, a large democratic country like India can both create and national identity and preserve the rich heritage of its pluralistic past.
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    The effect of organization development intervention on structural and psychological empowerment to enhance innovative work behavior: an action research in a technical school in Thailand
    This research investigated the effect of organization development interventions (ODI) in improving structural and psychological empowerment, to promote innovative work behavior among organization members, in a technical school in Thailand. Using an action research design, the ODI activities were conducted for a six month period with 36 employees. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to explore and gather data at all levels (executives, heads of department, and employees). The action research was conducted in three phases: pre-ODI, ODI, and post-ODI. The findings revealed, that employees were able to generate new ideas through connecting with others, and were able to develop and implement ideas related to their own work.
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    Using an interactive learning book based on interactive and discovery learning to enhance student interaction and achievement
    (Assumption University Press, 2018) Patchara Vanichvasin
    This research aimed 1) to develop an interactive learning book based on interactive learning and discovery learning and 2) to examine student interaction and achievement after using an interactive learning book. The purposive sample group was 20 undergraduate students. Instruments were an interactive learning book, a content-appropriateness questionnaire, an observation checklist, pre-test and post-test, and a satisfaction questionnaire. Data were analyzed by using mean, standard deviation, t-test, and content analysis. The research results were 1) an interactive learning book was verified by experts as high quality at 4.33 and piloted with high satisfaction at 4.46. 2) The means of interactive learning observed by a teacher was high in interaction at 3.80. The mean of discovery learning was high at 4.26. The post-test scores were higher than before, significantly different at 0.05. The results indicate that an interactive learning book based on interactive learning and discovery learning can enhance student interaction and achievement with positive impact.
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    A structural analysis of ten economies in ASEAN economic community
    This paper focuses on a structural analyses in agriculture, manufacturing, and the service sectors of ten ASEAN economies. Their relative importance is examined by using their output shares in GDP , shares of exports in total exports, labor employment shares in total employment, and labor productivity. The study founds Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos PDR as highly dependent on agriculture. Manufacturing is very important for all AEC economies, especially for Brunei. The service sector is important for all economies, especially for Singapore and Philippines. Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia have very low employment in agriculture. Manufacturing and the service sector provide more employment opportunities for all economies. All economies have high employment in agriculture, except Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. Productivity is relatively low in agriculture for all economies, but higher in manufacturing, compared to the service sector for all economies. Generally, the export sector is crucial for all economies, especially for Singapore. Manufacturing exports in total exports are higher than agriculture and service exports, for all economies.