ABAC Journal: Vol. 37 No. 1 (January-June 2017)

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    Postpartum depression: a comparison of knowledge and attitude between the family members of postpartum women
    Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a common complication that mostly occurs during the postpartum period with the consequence of negative health outcomes for women and infants as well as other family members. The relatives of women are the first group that can notice abnormal signs and symptoms of PPD after discharge from the hospital. This study was a cross-sectional survey, aiming to explore knowledge and attitudes of 400 postpartum women’s family members regarding PPD. A self-administered survey questionnaire was used for data collection. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistic. The findings show that family members, both husbands and female relatives, had positive attitudes and good knowledge about causes and risks of PPD. However, misunderstanding and wrong beliefs with regard to PPD were addressed. Therefore, health education on PPD should be provided for family members of postpartum women throughout pregnancy and postpartum periods.
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    An analysis of metaphors in Sri burapha's behind the painting and Ma Ma Lay's Not Out of Hate
    (Assumption University Press, 2017) Tanapa Buakhao ; Deocampo, Marilyn F.
    This research is a comparative study of metaphors in two Asian novels. A Thai novel, Sri Burapha’s Behind the Painting was first published in 1954 and a Burmese novel, Ma Ma Lay’s Not Out of Hate in 1991. It aims to understand various metaphorical patterns that influence the thematic development and interpretations of these novels. Pragglejaz Group’s (2007) Metaphor Identification Procedure, Ahrens’ (2002) The Conceptual Mapping Model, and Lakoff’s (1992) The Contemporary Theory of Metaphor are chosen as the frameworks of data analysis in this study. The outcome endorses the idea that different metaphorical patterns are the result of interaction between words’ conventional meaning and their contexts. The top three shared themes found are the themes of LOVE, MORALITY, and IDEALISM. It is also found that the representation of Thai and Burmese cultures can be perceived through the cultural background and lifestyle of the writers via their selection of words in these two novels.
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    Thai expatriate managers: issues facing Thai hotels operating abroad
    (Assumption University Press, 2017) Nitchamon Ongkasuwan
    In order to succeed abroad, multinational corporations (MNCs) need, among other things, to carefully recruit their expatriate managers (those managers running their overseas subsidiaries). This has become a key issue for MNCs to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in a global market. In Thailand, selecting competent and reliable expatriate managers is all the more critical as outward foreign direct investment by Thai companies is rapidly increasing, most notably in the hotel sector. Many Thai hotel chains are now investing abroad to diversify risk and expand their customer base, which also means that more and more expatriate managers are needed to run their overseas operations. This paper focuses on those expatriate managers and on the issues Thai hotels face finding and retaining competent “expats.” Data are primarily collected from 21 interviews with hotel managers and hotel owners that have subsidiaries overseas or have expatriates working for them. A survey of 30 students enrolled in a Hotel Management Course at one Bangkok-based university adds to the lore of data. Still, even though a mixed methodology is used as a result, this study remains quintessentially qualitative as most of the data is collected from interviews, personal observations and documents. The findings show that the demand for expatriate managers in the hotel sector is growing and that finding qualified managers and convincing them to accept positions abroad remains challenging. Several reasons account for this situation. Firstly, even though the demand for qualified Thai managers to be expatriates in the Hotel business is increasing but it is still very difficult to find the right one who would accept working abroad as they prefer not to change their habits since going abroad equates with a radical change of routine. Secondly, hotel owners are looking the people who have high social skills, high adaptability skills, and are very flexible since expatriate managers have to deal with many problems and find solutions to them in both daily life and their working life. Thirdly, most hotels provide incentives and additional benefits differently depend on the countries they are assigned to. As there are some countries that no one would prefer to go to, they need to attract managers by using the greater incentives. Fourthly, Thai people are often not willing to accept the assignments, especially managers, since most of them already have a family, unlike the younger generations that prefer a challenge in their life. And lastly, differences in terms of cultures is a factor that is most likely to affect their performance abroad since they are living in the place that is totally different from their own countries, the behavior and lifestyle of people are also different as well.
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    Determinants of the stock market index in Pakistan - a case study of the Karachi Stock Exchange index (KSE 100) from 2000 to 2014
    (Assumption University Press, 2017) Zubair, Farees ; Thongdee Kijboonchoo
    This paper explores the causal links between nine fundamental variables and stock prices in Pakistan’s Karachi Stock Exchange index – KSE 100. It contributes significantly to the study of the stock exchange performance in Pakistan since the findings of prior studies were mostly divergent. Monthly data from January 2000 to April 2014 are used to analyze the impacts of the Industrial Production Index, the money supply, the Pak-US interest rate differential, the real effective exchange rate, the balance of trade, the expected inflation, the government debt to GDP, the inflow of portfolio investment, and the earning yield on the KSE 100 Index. Multiple regression analysis and Granger Causality tests under VAR are employed for this purpose. The findings of this study have identified the Pakistan-US interest rate differential, the real effective exchange rate, the balance of trade, the expected inflation, the government debt to GDP, and the earning yield as significant predictors of the stock index. The KSE 100 Index is found to be a leading indicator for the M2 money supply growth in Pakistan. The results of this study imply that policy makers play a crucial role in Pakistan’s stock market through the manipulation of fundamental variables.
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    Cultures as determinants of innovation - an evidence from European context
    (Assumption University Press, 2017) Habisch, Andre ; Bing, Zhu
    Cultural studies have played a major role for a better understanding of innovation. In particular, cultural variables have always been integrated in innovation studies at different levels. Referring to Hofstede´s analytical framework, we thereby analyze how different cultural factors may concretely impact innovation at national levels. Data of Hofstede’s cultural dimension and innovation are derived from secondary data sources. 34 European countries with comprehensive scores of cultural dimensions and innovation indexes are finally applied in this study. The data are analysed through correlation test and multiple regression analysis. The correlation test highlighted the importance of low power distance, individualism and low uncertainty avoidance, and the multiple regression analysis revealed the importance of power distance and long-term orientation that foster innovation in Europe. Finally, limitations of the proposed theoretical architecture are discussed and potential consequences for further research are formulated.