AU GSB: Vol. 9, No. 2 (December 2016)

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    The factors affecting the attribute attitude towards credit card; the case study of credit card for bangkokian's generation X and Y
    (Assumption University Press, 2016) Parnuphan Phaisuwat ; Rawin Vongurai
    This study aimed to understand the factors that affect attitude toward credit card by bangkokian and also find the difference between generation X and Y in attitude toward credit card. The questionaire was conducted and collected 410 respondents by convenience, quota and snow-ball sampling method. The methods used to analyze the data are linear regression and independent sample t-test. The result shows free spending has the strongest effect to attitude toward credit card and there is significant difference between Gen-X and Y in attitude toward credit card.
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    The works of ten remarkable Italian's in Bangkok's history 1890's to 1970's-four artists, three architects, two sculptors and one renaissance man: a source for contemporary cultural tourism
    (Assumption University Press, 2016) Barnes, John
    In exploring Bangkok and in particular the Rattanakosin and Dusit areas one discovers a remarkable number of buildings and monuments of Italianate architectural design. A more detailed inspection reveals that most of those buildings also feature imported Italian marble on door and window frames floors and staircases. Inspection of those buildings reveals very beautiful interior paintings on walls and ceilings.
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    Factors affecting brand loyalty to cosmetics product: a case study of Thai consumers in Bangkok
    (Assumption University Press, 2016) Kanokwan Kitrungpaiboon ; Kim, Seongdok
    This research aims to investigate factors affecting brand loyalty to cosmetics products of Thai consumers in the Bangkok area. After reviewing related literature, four independent variables were selected in this research; word-of-mouth, perceived value, convenience, and satisfaction on product. To measure the constructs of the research instrument, a survey questionnaire was administered and data were collected from sample of 384 experienced cosmetics product purchasers in the Bangkok area, utilizing convenience sampling techniques. The significance and relationships of word-of-mouth, perceived value, convenience, and satisfaction on product towards brand loyalty to cosmetics product were tested and analyzed using the multiple linear regression. The result showed that all independent variables are positive predictors of brand loyalty to cosmetics products. This result provided important managerial implications to cosmetics industry to focus on customer retention and loyalty to enhance sustainability and profitability. Further investigation of the factors contributing to customer loyalty and in other geographical areas is highly suggested for future studies.
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    A study of price-changed-to-dividend ratio on ex-dividend dates: the case study of stock exchange of Thailand in 2012-2014
    (Assumption University Press, 2016) Rapeepat Techakittiroj
    Most of studies had a similar conclusion that the average stock prices on ex-dividend dates tend to be declined according to the corresponding amount of dividend even though it is the Book Value, BV, which is declined by the amount of dividend. As many stock traders did not achieve their results based on this conclusion, the research methodology was repeated to assert the myth. Because none of researches were based on data from the Stock Exchange of Thailand. the research methodology was repeated, only on cash dividends, for years of 2012-2014. Finally, the results were compared with the previous study and test on their difference among industries and years. The result showed that the ratio of different countries, e.g. United States, Japan and Thailand are not the same. However, the result showed no different among industries and years.