AU eJIR : Vol. 6, Issue 2 (July-December 2021)

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    Factors influencing consumers purchase intention throught TikTok of Changsha, China residents
    (Assumption University Press, 2021) Li, Changhan ; Zhu, Lu ; Thanawan Phongsatha
    The purpose of this study was to identify the factors influencing Changsha residents' purchase intention through TikTok short video platform. The variables used in this research framework including trust, perceived media richness, perceived price fairness, perceived convenience, and perceived host interaction. Purposive sampling technique was employed to recruit 200 respondents in Changsha City to participate in the study. The Multiple Linear Regression analysis was implemented as the statistical analysis. The results revealed that Perceived Media Richness was the most influent factor affecting consumers' shopping through TikTok short video platform for consumers in Changsha District. As a result, it was evident that the online store owners whose marketing their products via TikTok short video platform should emphasis on perceived media richness factor to enhancing consumers’ purchase intention.
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    Factors influencing purchase intention toward online food delivery service: a case study of experienced consumers in Hunan Province, China
    (Assumption University Press, 2021) Zhu, Lu ; Li, Changhan ; Satha Phongsatha
    The purpose of this research was to identify the factor influence online food delivery service purchasing intention who live in Hunan province, China. The variables that had been used in this study framework were Price value, Health consciousness, Food safety concern, Prestige value, Affordances value and Visibility. The questionnaire was conducted and selected from 200 respondents in Hunan province by using the non-probability sampling method as purposive sampling. The Multiple Linear Regression was applied for hypothesis testing. The result revealed that Food Safety Concern (β = 0.31, p=.02). was the most influence factor toward consumers’ purchasing intention of online food delivery service. Thus, it showed that Food Safety Concern towards online food delivery service was the most important in determining online food delivery service of Hunan province consumers. The finding suggested that by enhancing the consumer purchasing intentions, the online food delivery service owners should rather focus on Food Safety Concern factor.
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    Parents perspectives on homeschooling management model in Bangkok, Thailand
    (Assumption University Press, 2021) Ren, Qian ; Thanawan Phongsatha
    The objectives of this study were to 1) investigate the reasons for choosing homeschooling of the Thai families in Bangkok; 2) explore the different activities or forms of Thai homeschooling families choose to engage their children in Bangkok; and 3) identify the social interaction skills of the homeschooled children from the Thai families in Bangkok; 4) study the academic outcome of the homeschooled children from the Thai families in Bangkok.The research was conducted with 44 Thai homeschooling families in Bangkok. The sample were families who chose to homeschool the children. The sampling technique was non-probability sampling method with purposive sampling plan to recruit samples to participate in the study.The open-ended questions were applied as the research instrument. The content validity with the S-CVI procedure was applied to measure the validity of the question items. The rating of 1.00, which was suitable for evaluating the content validity of the questions was revealed to ensure that the questions were valid. All 44 families had completed the questions. Among them, there were additional in-depth interviews with 10 families. The results from the qualitative data showed that the homeschooling families were generally satisfied with their children’s performance and learning outcome. Feedback from both the children and the parents suggest that homeschooling is more flexible and easier to adapt to different needs and situations of children while comparing to formal school system.
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    A study of factors influencing customer loyalty towards B Air in Nepal
    (Assumption University Press, 2021) Joshi, Ashaya ; Kitikorn Dowpiset
    The purpose of the study is to determine the key aspects that influence the customer loyalty towards B Air, a private airlines in Nepal. Customer Loyalty is a key factor for of any airlines and depends highly on airline service quality in the industry. The conceptual framework has been derived from four other theoretical framework with adjustments. Additionally, this study is connected to linking customer loyalty to profitability as customers are valued as lifeline for any business and hence has been reviewed to propose a conceptual framework for building and sustaining customer loyalty and thus maximize profits. The research was carried out with sample data (n=405) collected from three major airports in Nepal by utilizing self-administered questionnaire to the Nepalese citizens The researcher used convenience and judgment sampling method to select the respondents. After the information was collected from the respondents, the data was analyzed and processed on SPSS program. The result shows that perceived value had the greatest influence on customer loyalty for B Air. In addition, in terms of customer satisfaction, the airline image influences most and is more important than airline tangibles, personnel quality and empathy. The contribution of this paper is to analyze the factors that influence customers' loyalty, and thereby help domestic airlines in Nepal improve their customer loyalty effectively. With this research the airlines industry management can move away from the traditional technique of management can use more appropriate methods to attract and retain customers.