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    Factors influencing overindebtedness: a logistic regression analysis of consumers in Bangkok 

    Pallapa Srivalosakul; Issara Suwanragsa (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    Overindebtedness is a source of default risk facing by commercial banks and loan institutions. Although studies of factors influencing individuals’ indebtedness are prevalent, less of previous studies had examined financial factors distinguishing mild-debtors from overindebted individuals. The present study aims at identifying and empirically testing the financial factors (i.e. financial literacy, experiences in using financial services, and money management) which distinguish mild-debtors from overindebted individuals. Questionnaires wer...
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    Price risk management in the Thai sugar industry 

    Pollasit Wattanavong (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    This research studied the risk management of price volatility/or sugar in Thailand, due to intense competition from other countries. It considers four hedging instruments and explores which are used (if any) and the criteria used to select these. Data was collected from the owner or manager in 47 Thai sugar mills. The data was analyzed using arithmetic mean, median, mode, interquartile range, and standard deviation.
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    Investigating methods and challenges of Kaizen execution: a case study of an engineering firm in Pakistan 

    Karimi, Haris; Chanita Jirachot (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    KAIZEN is a system of a continuous endeavor by an organization to improve its business activities and processes, the goal being to improve the quality of products and services so that the organization can meet full customer satisfaction. Kaizen can be an integrated and company-wide approach through collaboration of all the levels of the organization: top management, middle managers and front-line employees. Commitment, genuine participation and motivation of all the three actors are critical factors. The purpose of this study i...
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    Applying activity-based costing and activity-based management methods to estimate manufacturing costs and activities 

    Kanokporn Kleosakul; Srobol Smutkup (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    At present, the intense competition in many industries has made many companies aware of the costs and resources utilization within the organization. The key issue that all companies take into account is cost reduction while maintaining and building business process improvement in order to satisfy customers’ requirements.
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    Risks posed by uncertainties in the supply chain 

    Lawrence, Brian C.; Athisarn Wayuparb (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    Competition today is so savage that it creates uncertainties a real threat to an organization’s survival. Creating and managing supply chains is a method for controlling these uncertainties. This paper examines empirical research from postgraduate students and scholarly papers published in the journal of an international university in Thailand, on supply chain techniques.
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    Customer satisfaction and word of mouth towards online taxi providers: a case study of Grab and Uber 

    Chatbongkot Cheewathanakornkul; Chanita Jiratchot (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    The first objective of this research is to analyze the main factors influencing customer satisfaction,including service quality, self-service technology,and price. Without any one of these factors, the customers might not fully be satisfied with the services of the online taxi providers who are the focus of this case study. The second objective is to examine the relationship between customer satisfaction and word of mouth perceptions. Yamane’s theory is used to determine the sample size. Reliability and Factor Analysis have bee...
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    An application of value stream mapping to improve purchase order process  

    Phasinee Chuensunk; Piyawan Puttibarncharoensri; Yenrudee Tantisiriphaiboon (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    This research is about an electricity generating company whose long lead time in its procurement process for spare parts after breakdowns caused internal customer complaints. The focus firm, Allied Generating Company (AGCo), is in a sensitive industry, that of supplying electricity to provincial and national grids in Thailand. Therefore, the procurement problem is a threat to the nation’s economy as well as to the reputation of the AGCo firm. To solve this embarrassing problem, this research applied the Valu...
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    Factors affecting patient satisfaction in public Hospitals in Bangkok 

    Aunthikarn Sudjai; Chanita Jiratchot (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    Customer satisfaction is an important parameter for assessing the quality of patient services. There is a need to assess public hospitals because they are important providers of services to patients, whose satisfaction is important. This study examined the relationship between service quality and the resultant customer satisfaction as experienced by patients. This led to an examination of the relationship between that satisfaction and patient loyalty. The research methodology consisted of a quantitative ...
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    An application of the savings method to a vehicle routing problem 

    Chatsuree Kamthornsawat; Athisarn Wayuparb (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This paper presents the authors’ research study of the vehicle routing practices of a transport company. This firm provides the delivery of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and electronics components to customers in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region and neighboring provinces in the Central and East regions of Thailand. Currently, traditional truck management is being practiced: this lacks a systematic approach by using only personal experience information.The inefficient truck management problem in this ca...
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    Business process improvement of customer service for an eBay jewelry company 

    Woraphol Anmmontha; Srobol Smutkupt (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    Increasingly buyers shun retail shops in favor of online sellers. The focus firm in this research is a gemstone wholesale company which sells its jewelry on eBay. It had an inefficient operation process that was causing the company’s late delivery rate to exceed 4.00%, which was the new standard eBay requirement. The research objective of this project is to identify the root cause of this major problem, find solutions and implement improvement action. The Business Process Improvement model (BPI) was chosen to improve the internal process ...
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    Triangular backhaul to reduce cost 

    Sirinapa Jantrapon (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    Freight transportation charge is a major expense for this focus exporting company in a competitive market. Data analysis revealed that the company is under-utilizing its vehicles due to empty truck trips. The company looked for ways to minimize these empty runs. by considering a backhauling strategy. The company selected the triangular backhauling form as it has the best combination of inbound packaging material and outbound delivery of finished goods. The proposed strategy was tested on the transportation reports for 2014, using Excel, to ca...
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    Sea freight cost reduction by long term contact 

    Zhao, Yue Cheng (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    The focus company in Bangkok is a freight forwarder offering a one-stop cargo export service by containership. It has been losing customers to competitors who offer a lower price. The company wondered whether switching its purchasing method from spot-buying to a long­ term contract with an ocean liner firm would reduce the freight cost, enabling it to offer lower prices to its customers and thus retain them. This study explores the advantages and disadvantages of signing a long-term contract, to understand the factors and conditions which enabl...
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    Customer satisfaction with air transport 

    Kanyarat Aueanantakorn (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    This research investigates factors that affect customer satisfaction in two Asian airlines, Levant and EAX Three factor-types were chosen: logistics, marketing, and behavioral intention. Logistics factors included flight schedule and waiting time. Marketing factors included in:flight service quality, price and promotions, and brand image. The relationship between customer satisfaction and behavioral intention of the airline customers was examined. Finally, differences between the responses of customers of the two airlines were compared. Quanti...
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    The future of Thailand's logistics companies 

    Orawee Thongkam; Pavilas Chaochankit; Sutta Sornmayura; Wasana Maksin (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    Logistics companies are well established in Thailand. They service trading companies within Thailand and beyond its borders. There is tough competition in an ever increasing global complex world, in which mega-trends will greatly influence societies, businesses, and logistics firms. As one of the ten members of the Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN), Thailand faces the imminence of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in December 2015, which presents challenges and opportunities. ASEAN becomes a single market and production base, which, wi...
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    The Halloween effect and other seasonal anomalies in the energy sector of the stock exchange of Thailand 

    Ploy Tang-u-thaisuk; Witsaroot Pariyaprasert; Ekkachai Boonchuaymetta (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    This research aims to explore the existence of three well - known seasonal anomalies – the January Effect, the April Effect, and the Halloween Eff ect – as pertains to monthly returns as well as to volatility. Effects on returns and volatility will further be studied within the SET Energy index as well as 9 selected energy stocks from the period April 2005 to July 2016. The objective of this study is to find seasonality hidden within the above Index and stocks, and establish a simple trading strategy to ...
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    Value at risk performance in cryptocurrencies 

    Danai Likitratcharoen; Teerasak Na Ranong; Ratikorn Chuengsuksomboon; Norrasate Sritanee; Ariyapong Pansriwong (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    Due to conclusion could not rely on only one test, in this study, we apply various approaches to verify the actuary of VaR model to find out whether VaR model, especially historical VaR and delta normal VaR model, can provide the accura te risk measurement results for cryptocurrencies risk , especially CRIX, BTC, ETH and XRP . We use Kupiec’s POF test, Independence Test - Christoffersen (1998) and Joint Test that widely use for backtesting VaR model. Performance test results for risk measurem ent by...
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    The effectiveness of confirming indicators: a case study of Stocks in Thailand 

    Shivathep Srichawla; Suppanunta Romprasert (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This paper developed a model that tested trading signals (including double and triple indicators) on the security traded in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). One indicator from each of the six groups of technical indicators, including MACD, Parabolic SAR (PSAR), RSI, Twiggs Money Flow, Volume Oscillator, and Bollinger Bands, were tested in order to determine whether their use could generate excess returns for investors. PSAR was the most profitable indicator as it alone or when used in combined with other indicators could generate excess ...
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    Agricultural commodity futures and stock market: evidence from RSS3 Futures in Thailand 

    Yaowaluk Techarongrojwong; Pathathai Sinliamthong; Rattana Waranyasathit (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This study aims to examine the role of RSS3 Futures as the hedge for stock market in Thailand. The data is collected from May 28, 2004 until December 31, 2015, which includes totally 2,833 trading days. The results show that there is no relationship between RSS3 Futures and the stock market implying that RSS3 Futures can be the hedge for stock market in general. However, RSS3 Futures is not the candidate for safe haven of stock market because it shows no hedge property during the period of extremely negative stock returns. The result implie...
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    Applying an EOQ model to reduce an inventory cost 

    Russarin Jiraruttrakul; Srobol Smutkupt; Wasana Marksin; Liang, Liu; Chanasit Thanathawee (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This research study applies an EOQ model (Economic Order Quantity) to reduce an inventory cost. The focus ABC Company is a Beer Importer in Thailand. It faced the problem of high inventory cost and lackluster inventory management. The root cause was that the Company had no standardized ordering process, which meant a high cost of carrying excess inventory, or having too little to meet demand. It also meant paying a high storage charge. The EOQ Model was proposed, to make substantial improvements. Historical inventory stock data for years ...
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    Improving vehicle tracking in a holding carpark 

    Chatchawan Trakoonsitthisri; Srobol Smutkupt; Orawee Thongkam; Sutta Sornmayura (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This research was conducted to improve the operation of a parking area for vehicles waiting for export, and reduce the cost of management fees, through implementation of a barcode system. Barcoding is an automated identification system which is powerful technology and applied in many fields. A barcode system was designed and tested to see if it could solve the parking problem. The focus company in this research manufactures vehicles in Thailand for export. Its internal operations are very good, but identifying where each vehicle is in the s...
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