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    Dow Jones commponents and economic indicators : a factor analysis approach 

    Kaveepong Lertwachara; Pattana Booncho, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2005)

    This paper explores the relationships between economic indicators and movements in the Dow components returns. There have been numerous attempts to identify these relationships: the Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT), one of these approaches, contributes directly to the mult(factor model. The theory, introduced by Ross in 19 7 6, has been a valuable approach to analyzing security returns because the APT allows analysts to study the effects of multiple influential factors . Factor analysis is then used to analyze these ...
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    Effects of Christian management approaches on Christian business success 

    Picharn Jaiseri (Assumption University, 2009)
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    Emotional intelligence for employees' motivation 

    Krisda Tanchaisak (Assumption University, 2005)

    This article adopts a system approach to analyze the Porter-Lawler model. This model synthe- sizes two important motivational models: the expectancy and the equity models. The expectancy model describes the influence of worker's expectation about the jobs and the rewards gained via the motiva- tion process. The equity model describes workers I comparison of rewards and effort ratios with others. The Porter-Lawler model suggests workers are motivated if they believe their effort will result in re- wards they deem important and ...
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    Employees' organizational commitment and their citizenship behaviors : a study on logistic land haulage providers in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estates, Thailand 

    Manop Rungseanuvatgol (Assumption University, 2014)

    Given the vulnerabilities of present businesses, logistic solutions have to be crafted and aimed at, in order to get excellent service quality. As a labor intensive sector, the performance of logistic organi- zations lies in the hands of employees. The research aimed to investigate whether organizational citizen- ship behaviors (OCB) were positively influenced by four variables: the organizational commitment, the transformational leadership behavior, the organizational culture and the goal setting. Only the innova- tive (B-value = ...
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    Entrepreneurial intensity, national culture, and the success of new product developments : the mediating role of information technology 

    Amornrat Thoumrungroj (Assumption University, 2003)

    This paper synthesizes the literature on multiple disciplines, including marketing, entrepreneurship, information technology (IT), and international business. The investigation on the relationships among entrepreneurial intensity, IT, national culture, new product success, and performance is presented. It postulates the mediating role of IT in the relationship between entrepreneurial intensity and new product success, and it explores their indirect relationships with business performance. In addition, the ...
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    Environmental scanning practices during periods of high uncertainty 

    Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti; Johri, Lalit M, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2004)

    The research on environmental scanning practices of medium sized finance companies in Thailand, during and after the 1997 economic crisis, shows that companies with well-organized and managed environmental scanning process have steered through the turbulent environment and have become highly competitive in their posture. As companies focus on short and long term horizons and look at a broader set of factors they are able to better foresee changes in the environment and respond towards these movements more pragmatically. ...
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    Ethnocentrism and its influence on intention to purchase domestic products : a study on Thai consumers in the central business district of Bangkok 

    Onvara Vadhanavisala (Assumption University, 2014)

    The purpose of this study was to study ethnocentrism and its influence on intention to purchase domestic products of consumers in the central business district of Bangkok. A total of 400 respondents, aged 25-60 years old in Bangkok's central business district area (CBD); early Sukhumvit, Phayathai, Ratchada, Silom, Sathorn, and Lumpini were asked to answer a self-administered questionnaire via convenient sampling technique. The results showed that consumer ethnocentrism has an influence on intention to purchase domestic ...
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    Evaluating the performance of Thai equity funds 

    Ekkachai Boonchuaymetta (Assumption University, 2008)

    The focus of this study is to evaluate the performance of selected 48 open-ended equity mutual fonds in Thailand during the year 2003 through 2007. Four performance measures are used, the Treynor measure, the Sharpe measure, the Jensen measure, and Treynor-Mazuy measure. The empirical results reveal limited ability of mutual fand managers in both selecting undervalued stocks and forecasting the market correctly. Based on the market timing techniques of'Jreynor-Mazuy model, only ten mutual funds present significant ...
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    Factors affecting british expatriates' adjustment in Thailand 

    Yanida Siamwalla (Assumption University, 2013)

    Building on literature relating to expatriate adjustment, this study attempted to identify factors that affect individualistic expatriate responses to cross-cultural adjustment in a collectivist culture. This study examines empirically the degree to which 387 British expatriates have adjusted themselves in terms of interaction, general/cultural and work adjustment in Thailand. It also analyzes the expatriates' adjustment antecedents which are personal factors, work related factors and cultural factors. Multiple regression ...
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    Financial structures of the manufacturing corporate sector of Thailand around economic crisis : a decomposition measure approach 

    Saha, Gour C. (Assumption University, 2003)

    This paper describes an investigation into the financial structure of the manufacturing corporate sector of Thailand before and after the economic crisis. The structure is important for financial statement analysts who are often concerned with changes over time in the relative shares of the financial statement items. Decomposition analysis has been used for measuring the relative shares. It is found that the decomposition measures are higher after the economic crisis. The total liabilities decomposition measure was found ...
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    The Impact of Individual Level Cultural Value Orientation as A Moderator of Seller Influence Tactics, Relationship Quality, and Customer Loyalty 

    Veerasak Prasertchuwong (Assumption University, 2015)

    As competitions in marketing intensify and many marketers offer products that are similar, salespersons are forced to adapt their marketing strategies to survive. Relationship marketing has become the suitable strategy that salespersons employ to cope with this situation. Nevertheless, each and every customer is unique, so a better understanding of customers at the individual level is essential. Thus, this research examined the effects of cultural value orientations of customers at the individual level on the relationship between seller influence ...
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    Impact of perceived service on brand image and repurchase intentions of Thai passengers towards low cost carriers 

    Shanyalak Sangkatat Na Ayutthaya (Assumption University, 2013)

    Since the application of the Open Sky Policy in 2002, Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) have been gaining a progressive market share in Thailand. However the numbers of academic researchers in this field are limited, the researcher hence focused on Thai passengers traveling on LCCs to explore new knowledge. Based on a comprehensive literature review, the conceptual model investigated whether the perceived service quality affects airline brand image and repurchase intention of Thai passengers was developed and tested in LCCs sector. ...
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    Impulse purchasing behavior ; a study on hypermarket customers in Bangkok 

    Joseph, Bipin Charithavely (Assumption University, 2010)
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    Inflation hedging characteristics of housing markets in Thailand 

    Annop Peungchuer (Assumption University, 2006)

    Property has been traditionally perceived as a good hedge against inflation. Extensive empiri- cal researches have been undertaken to prove whether properties hedge against inflation in different countries. This paper explores the relationship between inflation and returns in the housing markets in Thailand. Only the appreciation component, not income, of housing market returns is taken into account due to the limitations of data. Inflation is decomposed into expected and unexpected inflation. As expected inflation ...
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    Insuring loss from hazardous substances during road transportation in Thailand 

    Angsana Channak (Assumption University, 2010)
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    International business adaptation : a study on Thai exporters 

    Chawit Chaikittisilpa (Assumption University, 2006)

    This study uses multiple regression analysis to examine credibility and benevolence of manufacturers as determinants of industrial buyers commitment which, in turn, leads to this party s business adaptation in an international relationship. Results based on a sample of one hundred Thai industrial exporters reveal positive relationships between hypothesized variables i.e. benevolence, credibility and commitment, commitment and business adaptation. By using split-group analysis and Chow-test, moderating effects ...
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    Investment in gold : an alternative for Thai investors 

    Malinee Ronapat (Assumption University, 2007)

    This paper investigates the movement of gold prices from 1981 to 2007 in the developing mar- ket of Thailand. h adopu summary statistics, · price index and exponential smoothing average tech- niques to explore the short and long-term investment strategies in gold. The .findings suggest that Thai investors should buy during the first six months of the year and sell in December to obtain maximum return. It is also suggested that the longer the investment horizon, the more apparent iJ the associated return and risk.