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    Financial structures of the manufacturing corporate sector of Thailand around economic crisis : a decomposition measure approach 

    Saha, Gour Chandra (Assumption University, 2003)

    This paper describes an investigation into the financial structure of the manufacturing corporate sector of Thailand before and after the economic crisis. The structure is important for financial statement analysts who are often concerned with changes over time in the relative shares of the financial statement items. Decomposition analysis has been used for measuring the relative shares. It is found that the decomposition measures are higher after the economic crisis. The total liabilities decomposition measure was found ...
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    Changes in structure of demand for money in four crisis affected Asian countries 

    Waranya Atchariyachanvanich (Assumption University, 2003)

    This paper performs a comparative analysis on structures of demand for money before and after the 1997 Asian Crisis by constructing cointegration and error-correction models, utilizing monthly observations under an open-economy framework. The findings postulate the differences in the nature of long-run relationships in periods before and after the Asian crisis, as well as speed of adjustment towards equilibrium among ASIA-4: Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Interest rate policy interventions have no influence ...
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    The valuation of natural resources 

    Lai, Francis Pangfei; Chardpong Sribunruan, jt. auth.; Patima Jeerapaet, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2003)

    Conservationists are frustrated with the deteriorating environment of today. Green pressure groups and pro-development advocates have both tended to pit economic growth in one corner against environmental concerns in the other. By asserting that there is a conflict between the objectives of economic growth and those of environmental protection, the protagonists have failed to see potential for mutual reinforcement.
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    Entrepreneurial intensity, national culture, and the success of new product developments : the mediating role of information technology 

    Amornrat Thoumrungroj (Assumption University, 2003)

    This paper synthesizes the literature on multiple disciplines, including marketing, entrepreneurship, information technology (IT), and international business. The investigation on the relationships among entrepreneurial intensity, IT, national culture, new product success, and performance is presented. It postulates the mediating role of IT in the relationship between entrepreneurial intensity and new product success, and it explores their indirect relationships with business performance. In addition, the ...
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    An examination of human resource management practices by Japanese expatriate managers and their Impact on job satisfaction of employees of Matsui (Asia) Co., Ltd. 

    Yoshimichi Uratsuji; Patricia Arttachariya, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2004)

    This paper explored the job satisfaction of employees of Matsui (Asia) Co., Ltd. (MA CJ, a foreign subsidiary of Matsui Mfg. Co., Ltd., which employs an ethnocentric staffing policy. A survey was used to assess employees ' perceptions toward MAC s management policies in general and toward Japanese expatriate managers on four dimensions of management skill. Job satisfaction was assessed in terms of the four dimensions of Herzberg s Motivation-Hygiene theory. Demographic attributes also were assessed. Attitudes toward ...
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    Environmental scanning practices during periods of high uncertainty 

    Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti; Johri, Lalit M, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2004)

    The research on environmental scanning practices of medium sized finance companies in Thailand, during and after the 1997 economic crisis, shows that companies with well-organized and managed environmental scanning process have steered through the turbulent environment and have become highly competitive in their posture. As companies focus on short and long term horizons and look at a broader set of factors they are able to better foresee changes in the environment and respond towards these movements more pragmatically. ...
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    Strategic human resource management in Thailand 

    Somchart Visitchaichan (Assumption University, 2004)

    The purpose of this article is to review relevant literature and discussion about concepts, theories, and approaches in strategic human resource management. Empirical studies of related subjects which have been carried out overseas and in Thailand are also explored in this article. The author concludes by arguing that the future of Thai organizations depends more heavily than ever before on the quality of the management of its people. To equip the Thai HR professionals and business practitioners with the human resources ...
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    A study of teachers' burnout in relation to organizational citizenship behaviors and teaching experience 

    D'souza, June Bernadette (Assumption University, 2004)

    This study sought to explain the relationship of teachers 'burnout with organizational citizenship behaviors and teaching experience. The Mas/ash Burnout Inventory was used to assess teachers' burnout on the basis of three dimensions, which are the components of chronic occupational stress. Organizational citizenship behaviors was assessed in terms of five dimensions and an instrument was developed and piloted in order to measure teachers' organizational citizenship behaviors. Results indicated that female teachers ...
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    The effects of bundle composition, price, framing, and familiarity on consumers' purchase intention 

    Issara Titheesawad; Thongdee Kijboonchoo, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2004)

    This paper attempts to investigate the effects of bundle composition, price level, price sensitivity, frame and familiarity on consumers purchase intention. The bundle products under study composed of Pantene shampoo and conditioner, and Pantene shampoo and Parodontax toothpaste. A laboratory experiment was employed. Findings showed that bundle composition, price level, price sensitivity, frame and familiarity influenced purchase intention. The finding also showed that there exists an interaction effect between price levels ...
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    The importance of resource-based view in export performance of SMEs in Thailand 

    Theingi; Purchase, Sharo, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2004)

    This study focuses on the importance of manufacturing SMEs in the Thai export economy and develops propositions based on the Resource-Based View adapted from the Strategic Management literature. This study also highlights the important link between variety of firm resources and export performance.
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    Service quality in administrative departments of private universities in Thailand : strategies and recommendations 

    Krisana Kitcharoen (Assumption University, 2004)

    To be a service leader in the educational field, it is necessary for private universities to offer quality services to students. As a continuation of the previous paper (Kitcharoen, 2004) on the service quality of administrative departments in Thai private universities, this research was aimed at exploring university senior administrators' opinions about service quality. Six private universities were randomly chosen from the population of 26 private universities in Thailand. The presidents and vice presidents of ...
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    The importance-performance analysis of service quality in administrative departments of private universities in Thailand 

    Krisana Kitcharoen (Assumption University, 2004)

    Service quality is one of key success factors that lead an organization to success in this era of privatization. To be a service leader is very important in all industries, including education. It is very critical that private universities offer quality services to students. The competition among educational institutions in both the state and private sector in Thailand is intense. Therefore, improving the service quality in private universities is one of the strategies to increase their sustainable competitive advantage. ...
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    The propensity to pay dividends : the case of Thai listed firms 

    Malinee Ronapat (Assumption University, 2004)

    This paper investigates the propensity to pay dividends of the listed firms in the developing capital market of Thailand. It adopts similar methodology to Fama and French (2001) and explores the propensity to pay dividends given the particular characteristics of firms. These characteristics include profitability, investment opportunities and size. The findings suggest that the propensity to pay dividends slightly decline in pre-crisis, largely decline during crisis, but is resumed later in post-crisis period.
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    Perception of effective teaching characteristics : a case study of MBA program students of Assumption University, Thailand 

    Potjanee Muangsillapasart; Patricia Arttachariya, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2005)

    This study determined students' perceptions of effective teaching characteristics which promote learning in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, and identified personal factors influencing their perceptions of effective teaching. The researcher selected seven personal factors (gender, age, nationality, program-time of study, academic trimester, grade point average (GPA) , and work experience) to study the differences in their perceptions of Five Key Behaviors contributing to effective teaching ...
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    The relationship between brand equity, product attributes and purchase intention : a study of Sony digital cameras in Bangkok 

    Apiluck Thammawimutti; Sirion Chaipoopirutana, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2005)

    This study examined the relationship between brand equity, product attributes and consumers' purchase intention toward Sony Cyber-Shot digital cameras in Bangkok. The researchers used four elements of brand equity (brand awareness, brand association, perceived quality, and brand loyalty) to study the relationship tow_ard purchase intention. Product aftributes for this study were durability, CCD resolution, memory card capacity, easy to use, zoom distance, compatibility, size, design, and video record function. ...
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    An event study of the economic impact of professional sport teams on local incomes 

    Kaveepong Lertwachara; Cochran, James J, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2005)

    Many cities have tried to use expensive incentives such as a state-of-the-art stadiums or tax exemptions to persuade major professional sport teams to relocate to or remain in their area. These cities do so because they expect a professional sport team to enhance the local economy. Jn this paper we utilize an event study approach to examine the economic impact of a sport team on the local economy. The results indicate a negative impact of a sport team on local per capita income in both the short and long-run.
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    The roles of intangible assets and website localization on the performance of Global Internet Startups 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje; Rose, Jerman W, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2005)

    Drawing from the literature on international entrepreneurship, marketing, and strategic management, this paper investigates the roles of the firms intangible assets and the degree of website localization on the performance of the global Internet startups. Despite various factors affecting the performance of such firms, this study, which is built on the resource-based view of the firm, focuses on the firm s intangible assets and strategy. The findings indicate that the performance of global Internet startups is ...
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    Dow Jones commponents and economic indicators : a factor analysis approach 

    Kaveepong Lertwachara; Pattana Booncho, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2005)

    This paper explores the relationships between economic indicators and movements in the Dow components returns. There have been numerous attempts to identify these relationships: the Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT), one of these approaches, contributes directly to the mult(factor model. The theory, introduced by Ross in 19 7 6, has been a valuable approach to analyzing security returns because the APT allows analysts to study the effects of multiple influential factors . Factor analysis is then used to analyze these ...
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    The regulatory use of credit rating : 

    Malinee Ronapat (Assumption University, 2005)

    This paper discusses the uses of crediting rating for regulatory purpose. It focuses on the Basel Accords and the use of credit ratings in the Accords to increase the safety and soundness of internationally active banks. The paper focuses mainly on the Basel Accords and rating of developing countries such as Thailand. In developing countries, the Basel Accords have an impact on the way financial institutions manage their reserve requirements for risky assets. Split rating and Rating shopping are also discussed as ...
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    An examination of the psychological contract in Thailand 

    Krisda Tanchaisak (Assumption University, 2005)

    This study aimed at investigating perceptions regarding psychological contract breaches, it examined the employees perception, the incongruence between the employee and organization s perceptions, and the employees perceived importance of each type of psychological contract. Neither party perceived that transactional psychological contract was breached. The employee reported the organization had breached the balanced and relational psychological contracts to a certain extent. The organization agreed it had ...