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    A study of luxury hotel guests' satisfaction in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Patnaree Chaiyapun (Assumption University, 2012)

    The study aims to examine critical factors and their impact on luxury hotel guests' satisfaction. The related attributes are guestroom, food and beverage, facilities, staff performance, location, convenience, incen- tive, and environment. The dependent variable is customer's overall satisfaction. Additionally, the research aims to examine the differences in each dimension of customers' demographic in terms of customer's overall satisfaction. Data was collected from four hundred respondents. Research :findings reveal that all ...
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    Determinants of intention to use websites : a case study of 3 leading sites in Thailand 

    Pradeep, S.; Shawyun, Tea, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2008)

    This study examined the determinants of the intention to use websites in Thailand. The websites investigated were the 3 leading websites in Thailand namely,, and This study also aimed to explore the relationship between information quality, system quality, service quality, playfulness, and intention to use the websites. The result of this study showed that there was a significant relationship between the determinants dimension of intention to use the websites and intention to use ...