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    An empirical study on organic product purchasing behavior : 

    Jatuporn Vongmahadlek (Assumption University, 2012)

    The striking awareness of organic product purchase behavior has noticeably increased througho~t the world. However, little is known about consumers' purchase behavior of organic products in developing coun- tries such as Thailand. Few studies had been empirically investigated the relative importance of purchase behavior. The main purpose of the research is to examine the phenomena and to provide the empirical evidence of organic products purchase behavior in a developing country, namely Thailand. Fishbein andAjzen's Theory of ...
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    Customer perceived value, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions in the logistics industry : a case study of ABC Express Worldwide (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

    Boonthida Ratanavilaikul (Assumption University, 2012)

    Today, customer satisfaction is a key driver of many favorable intentions and behaviors linked to increased profits, lower operating expenditures, and business success, making it the focal point of business operations. To achieve high level of customer satisfaction, perceived value has been introduced as a mean of creating a competitive edge over the competitors by incorporat~ng customers' needs and wants into strategic practices. The objectives of this research were to identify the key value dimensions consisting of service ...
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    Perceived customer loyalty toward green hotels : a study of international tourists in the Sourth of Thailand 

    Nontipak Pianroj (Assumption University, 2012)

    The purpose ofthis study is to investigate the simultaneous relationships between destination image, green image, and perceived service quality on both attitudinal loyalty and behavioral loyalty through customer satisfaction and green satisfaction toward green hotels and the South of Thailand. The results illustrated that destination image ha!;! significant and positive relationships with customer satisfaction, which influences both attitudinal loyalty and behavioral loyalty toward the south ofThailand. Moreover, green image and ...
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    Servant and transformational leadership : a study on teachers in Montfort schools in India 

    Madavana, Joy (Assumption University, 2012)

    Studies have generally shown positive correlations between supportive leadership and organizational citizenship behaviors. Servant and transformational leadership are espoused as valid theories of organizational leadership but lack crucial empirical support in the educational organizations. Therefore, the current study . endeavored to advance empirical support for this emerging approach to leadership and how its influence can increase better OCB among teachers. This dissertation examined the relationships among servant and ...