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    The firm's characteristics, corporate governance and dividend payment : evidence from nonfinancial firms listed in Thailand during 2001 to 2010 

    Chanasit Thanathawee (Assumption University, 2013)

    Studies conducted in developed countries have dominated the literature on the detenninants of dividend payment. Nonetheless, there is much variation in corporate governance between developed and developing countries. The primary objective of this study is to explore the effect of firm characteristics and corporate governance factors on dividend payment in Thailand. The conceptual model in this study integrates important elements which affect the dividend payment, testing firms listed on the Stock Ex- change of Thailand (SET) ...
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    The determinants of credit spread changes of investment grade corporate bonds in Thailand between June 2006 and February 2012 : an application of the regime switching model 

    Treerapot Kongtoranin (Assumption University, 2013)

    This study proposes the two-state regime-switching model to explain the change of credit spread for investment grade corporate bonds in Thailand. The regimes of low and high volatility are extracted by Markov switching model. The results suggest that the model can improve explanatory power. The sensitivities of the risk factors including interest rate, macroeconomic, and liquidity factors increase in the high volatility regime rather than in the low regime. However, the liquidity factors are not significant for low credit rating ...
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    The acceptance of cosmetic surgery : a study on Thai women in Bangkok 

    Wareerath Akkalatham (Assumption University, 2013)

    The business of cosmetic surgery has now become a very lucrative and fast-paced industry as appearance-enhancing treatments and procedures have become increasingly popular around the world. A number of cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals are now competing against one another to capture a share of the multi-billion dollar cosmetic surgery market. Thailand has been one of the most sought after countries for cosmetic surgery and ranks among the top 20 countries for cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide. The main aim of this study ...
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    The relationships of financial assets in financial markets during recovery period and financial crisis : evidence from Thailand 

    Atinuch Kusolpalalert (Assumption University, 2013)

    The aim of this paper is to examine the long run relationship between SET index, gold price, 1- year, 2-year, and 10-year Government Bond Yield (GB), and 1-month and 3-month T-bill rate in Thai's financial market for the period between March 2001-December 2010 using Johansen method and to study their short-run adjustment through the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) in order to find the speed of adjustment towards long run equilibrium. Moreover, this paper also tests the impact on each variable resulting from the changes in other ...
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    The determinants of subordinates' perceived leadership styles in small and medium enterprises in Thailand 

    Tanawat Teepapal (Assumption University, 2013)

    This study aims to examine the determinant factors of perceived leadership style in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand. Discriminant analysis results showed that leaders who used different leader- ship styles (coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting and coaching) had different degrees of emotional intelligence, personality traits, adversity quotient, and ethics ofleadership.