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    Effect of drying process on the production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in citrofortunella microcarpa at two different maturity stages 

    Teeradate Kongpichitchoke; Hsu, Jue-Liang; Huang, Tzou-Chi (International Cooperation and Development Fund, 2015)

    Citrofortunella microcarpa is a well-known citrus fruit as a good source for flavonoids and antioxidant compounds in peels and seeds. However, they are leftover from juice industry. 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is well-recognized for its dominant role in immunology field, and commonly found in thermal-processed products. Thus, this study aimed to first time report HMF discovery from dried C. microcarpa waste. A conventional hot air drying method was used to determine the effects of drying temperatures (30 - 70 °C) and times as well as the maturity ...
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    Number of hydroxyl groups on the B-ring of flavonoids affects their antioxidant activity and interaction with phorbol ester binding site of PKCδ C1B domain: in Vitro and in silico studies 

    Teeradate Kongpichitchoke; Hsu, Jue-Liang; Huang, Tzou-Chi (American Chemical Society, 2015)

    Although flavonoids have been reported for their benefits and nutraceutical potential use, the importance of their structure on their beneficial effects, especially on signal transduction mechanisms, has not been well clarified. In this study, three flavonoids, pinocembrin, naringenin, and eriodictyol, were chosen to determine the effect of hydroxyl groups on the B-ring of flavonoid structure on their antioxidant activity. In vitro assays, including DPPH scavenging activity, ROS quantification by flow cytometer, and proteins immunoblotting, and in silico ...