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    Development of curcumin loaded-magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles 

    Tripathi, S.; Loadheerasiri, S. (2016)
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    Review: antibacterial activity of Coconut milk and Thai curry paste 

    Patchanee Yasurin (2015-03)

    In recent years, food safety concerns have been f?cused on foo bomc pathogen s such as Salmonella sp. and List ria mo11 cy toge11es, which arc rc ogn.1zcd as a prirna cause of food poisoning worldwide. Massive outbrea s hav occm cd m several part s of the world (lmmweseel et al. 2005). One type of food mgrcd1ent which has potential to be the natural source of antibiotics is Thai red curry paste. There are many type of Thai cuny. One important ingredient is coc?nut milk. Th research f u...
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    Effect of solvent and time extraction on antibacterial activity of Acacia concinna's pod against Bacillus cereus 

    Patchanee Yasurin (2015-09)

    Herb extract becomes the great interesting functional ingredient. Acacia concinna -poi pod) is a potential herb as the functional ingredient. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the effect of extraction solvent and time on antibacterial activity of dry A. concinna Bacillus cereus. The agar disc diffusion method was used to evaluate the antibacterial activity of A. concinna ts using Muller Hinton Agar media (MHA). The 20 g dry A. concinna solvents; water, 95% ethanol an...
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    Natural antibacterial activity of Thai red curry paste in Thai red curry (Kang-Kati and Kang-Panaeng) model against Salmonelle enterica 4,5,12:i:-(HUMAN) US CLONE AND Listeria monocytogenes 

    Patchanee Yasurin (Faculty of Graudate Studies Mahidol UniversityCouncil of the Graudate Studies Administrators of Public and Autonomous Universities, 2014-02)

    Foods with natural antibiotic properties become one of consumer concern Salmonella sp. and Listeria monocytogenes are important cause of human illness and have been reported about the outbreak in many years and many countries. Kang Panaeng is the traditional Thai food and popular dish. Kang Panaeng main ingredients compose of many types of including Capsicum annuum (Chili), Cymbopogoncitratus (Lemongrass), Allium ascalonicum (Shallots), Allium sativum (Garlic), Arachishypogaea (Peanuts) shrimp paste, sugar and salt. The objective of this rese...
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    Natural antibacterial activity of Thai red curry paste in Thai red curry (Kang-Kati and Kang-Panaeng) model against Salmonelle enterica Enteritidis 

    Patchanee Yasurin (Faculty of Graduate Studies Mahidol UniversityCouncil of the Graduate Studies Administrators of Public and Autonomous Universities, 2014-02)

    Beginning in the 1970s, the incidence of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis (SE) infection and the number of related outbreaks in the United States has increased dramatically. Foods as natural antibiotics itself might be considered as an alternative for food safety. Thai red curry is a Thai cultural dish which has become a well-known dish worldwide having fresh coconut milk and red curry paste as a main ingredient. The red curry paste main ingredients include various types of herbs; Capsicum annuum (chili), Citrus hystrix (Kaffir lime)...
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    Consumer test and food pairing of developed cashew nut butter 

    Tatsawan Tipvarakarnkoon (2015)

    The purpose of this research was to conduct a consumer test and food pairing test on a new developed butter product. Butter was produced from roasted broken cashew nut blended with trans-fat free hydrogenated vegetable oil, salt and sugar. A consumer test was conducted by a hundred consumers. of consumers accept the developed product with the overall liking score of . ± . for cashew nut butter and . ± . for bread sticks coated with cashew nut butter. Product pairing between the developed cashew nut butter with eight different types of food...