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    Alternating Least Squares with Incremental Learning Bias 

    Aung, Than Htike; Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin (2015)

    Recommender systems provide personalized suggestions for every individual user in the system. Many recommender systems use collaborative filtering approach in which the system collects and analyzes users' past behaviors, activities or preferences to produce high quality recommendations for the users. Among various collaborative recommendation techniques, model-based approaches are more scalable than memory-based approaches for large scale data sets in spite of large offline computation and difficulty to update the model in real time. In this ...
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    Dimension Independent Cosine Similarity for Collaborative Filtering using MapReduce 

    Shen, Fei; Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin (2016-02)

    DIMSUM, an efficient and accurate all-pair similarity algorithm for real-world large scale dataset, tackles shuffle size problem of several similarity measures using MapReduce. The algorithm uses a sampling technique to reduce `power items' and preserves similarities. This paper presents an improved algorithm DIMSUM+ with a complex sampling technique to enhance DIMSUM so that it is able to further reduce `power users'. The algorithm generates k-nearest-neighbor matrix that are used in collaborative based Recommender systems. The evaluations of ...