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    An exploratory study on Tourism Authority of Thailand Organizational image attributes 

    Somyot Kaenhin; Batra, Adarsh (2016)

    This research identified the attributes that construct the Tourism Authority of Thailand's (TAT) organizational image and explored the current positioning of each attribute. This research was separated in to two phases. The first phase used qualitative, exploratory and inductive research to obtain attributes that constitute the TAT's organizational image. This process is an arbitrary process (Dowling, 1988). There were forty-two attributes generated from the first phase. The second phase mostly used quantitative research to examine the imp...
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    Organization citizenship behaviour path analysis: justice, trust, satisfaction and commitment 

    Kittiwat Watcharachatchawan; Steane, Peter (2016)

    The paper examines the impact of: organization justice, transactional: attitudinal commitment, organization trust, and job satisfaction on organization citizenship behaviour. The study was conducted on the primary and secondary catholic schools in Thailand. The organizational objective is to provide an understanding of the relationship between the variables in the organization development area. The sample of the study involved 350 respondents from 10 schools with work groups ranging from top-management, support-management, teachers, as well ...
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    Toward High Performance Organization using Path-Goal Theory and Transformation Theories: A case Study of St.Louis School Chachoengsao 

    Achin Tengtrakul; Fernando, Maria Socorro Cristina L. (2016)

    In this study, the main objectives were : to assess the current levels of leadership skills of the leadership team, staff engagement, and the performance effectiveness of the staff ; to design Organization Development Interventions (ODI) that will enhance the leadership skills, staff engagement and the performance effectiveness; to implement ODI and to evaluate the initial effects of ODI on the levels of leadership skills staff engagement and the performance effectiveness; and to propose a Roadmap that will sustain the initial positive effects ...
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    Shifting from Transactional Leadership (T2) to Transformational Leadership (T3) behavior with a Full Range Leadership Development Program (FR-LDP) OD Intervention 

    Hein, Shwe; Chavez, Gloria (2016)

    Today's business leaders need to consider alternative ways to shift mindsets and behaviors in organizations for them to be effective in these exponential times. The main purpose of this study was to shift middle managers of the Myanmar ABC Company from transactional leadership (T2) to transformational leadership (T3) behavior using a Full Range Leadership Development Program (FR-LDP) with Appreciative Inquiry, Whole Brain Literacy and Action Learning OD Interventions. The action research model was applied using both quantitative and qualitati...