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    Improvement of in-store delivery by applying the DMAIC model 

    Kitiya Wongbaesuj; Roach, Scott; Vilasinee Srisarkun (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    This study aims to identify and correct problems in the in-store delivery process at the ABC Home and Construction Appliances Company in Thailand. Too much time was involved, from the customer placing a sales order at the warehouse to collecting goods at the pick-up point. These problems caused often considerable waits for those customers who had chosen to collect their goods themselves. The DMAIC model has been used to identify existing problems and improve the current process of the in-store delivery process. The methodology includes obse...
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    The effect of the 7Ps of the marketing mix on air freight customer satisfaction and repurchase intention 

    Luo, Anqi; Roach, Scott; Chanita Jiratchot (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    The purposes of this study were to explore the relationship between the marketing mix's 7Ps (product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, participants/people, and process) and customer satisfaction, and then customer satisfaction's relationship to customer repurchase intention for air freight services. Questionnaires were utilized in this study. Data were analyzed using SPSS software to analyze all hypotheses. As a result, hypotheses on product, promotion, physical evidence, participants/people and customer satisfaction were supporte...