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    Changes in structure of demand for money in four crisis affected Asian countries 

    Waranya Atchariyachanvanich (Assumption University, 2003)

    This paper performs a comparative analysis on structures of demand for money before and after the 1997 Asian Crisis by constructing cointegration and error-correction models, utilizing monthly observations under an open-economy framework. The findings postulate the differences in the nature of long-run relationships in periods before and after the Asian crisis, as well as speed of adjustment towards equilibrium among ASIA-4: Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Interest rate policy interventions have no influence ...
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    Entrepreneurial intensity, national culture, and the success of new product developments : the mediating role of information technology 

    Amornrat Thoumrungroj (Assumption University, 2003)

    This paper synthesizes the literature on multiple disciplines, including marketing, entrepreneurship, information technology (IT), and international business. The investigation on the relationships among entrepreneurial intensity, IT, national culture, new product success, and performance is presented. It postulates the mediating role of IT in the relationship between entrepreneurial intensity and new product success, and it explores their indirect relationships with business performance. In addition, the ...
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    Financial structures of the manufacturing corporate sector of Thailand around economic crisis : a decomposition measure approach 

    Saha, Gour Chandra (Assumption University, 2003)

    This paper describes an investigation into the financial structure of the manufacturing corporate sector of Thailand before and after the economic crisis. The structure is important for financial statement analysts who are often concerned with changes over time in the relative shares of the financial statement items. Decomposition analysis has been used for measuring the relative shares. It is found that the decomposition measures are higher after the economic crisis. The total liabilities decomposition measure was found ...
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    The valuation of natural resources 

    Lai, Francis Pangfei; Chardpong Sribunruan, jt. auth.; Patima Jeerapaet, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2003)

    Conservationists are frustrated with the deteriorating environment of today. Green pressure groups and pro-development advocates have both tended to pit economic growth in one corner against environmental concerns in the other. By asserting that there is a conflict between the objectives of economic growth and those of environmental protection, the protagonists have failed to see potential for mutual reinforcement.