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    The B2C e-commerce index of Thailand- A paradox of online penetration 

    Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil John (Social Science Research Network, 2018-10-28)

    The present study is an investigation into the penetration of business-to-consumer ecommerce in Thailand. The study has been conducted by a field survey among the consumers by questionnaire method and collected samples from regular online and regular offline shoppers in the country. The total sample size was 1535 units collected from the north, northeastern, central and southern regions of the country. The findings of the study revealed that penetration of online shopping is 15 percent with an estimated range of 13 to 17 percent for the ...
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    Impact of B2C e-Commerce on small retailers in Thailand: An investigation into Profitability, Operating efficiency, and Employment generation. 

    Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil John; Nithiphong Vikitset (eBUSINESS & eCOMMERCE eJOURNAL, 2019-01-18)

    The purpose of the present study is to investigate the economic and social impacts of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce in the small retail sector of certain commodities in Thailand. A primary sample survey was conducted for the collection of data from the north, northeast, central and southern regions of the country during the months of January to March 2018. The data were collected from small retail outlets of books and magazines, cosmetics, mobile, and laptop who have adopted online sales with physical shop, and doing exclusively offline ...
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    Impact of Perceived Usefulness on Attitude of members for having Christian Church’s website in Thailand - A Moderated Mediation Model 

    Adams, Harold; John, Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil (Web Technology eJournal, 2020)

    The purpose of the study was to evaluate the online presence of Christian churches in Thailand, and to test the influence of perceived usefulness of Church’s website on the attitude of members to have or improve the website. A sample survey was conducted throughout the Kingdom of Thailand from July 2019 to February 2020 and data were collected from 400 churches without discriminating the online presence or not. Finally, the data set of 177 churches, comprising 335 respondents, having online presence were used for analysis. The theoretical base ...
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    Measuring Efficacy of an Online Reading Literacy Program in English- A New Conceptual Framework 

    Sheeba Jojo (Language Acquisition eJournal, 2021-02-01)

    The objective of this study is to develop a conceptual framework for testing the efficacy of an online reading program, namely, ‘Literacy Pro’ which was developed by Scholastic Corporation in the US to improve the English reading and comprehension skill of students. The conceptual framework that is developed will also measure the impact of students’ performance in international English proficiency exams, such as PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS, and ASSET after they have participated in the online reading literacy program. It is the accurate and timely ...
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    A Panel Data Model on e-Business Development of Nations 

    John, Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil (e-CASE & e-Tech Fall 2017, Seoul, S. Korea, 2017-09-05)

    e-Business development has become a key factor for the sustainable economic growth and development of any nation in this new era of digital revolution. This is a macro level study based on the hypothesis that the e-business development of a nation can be predicted on the basis of four independent estimators, namely, 1) Country Characteristics; 2) Business Sophistication; 3) Technological Readiness; and 4) e-Government Support. A panel data of five years (2012-2016) relating to 132 world countries were collected and analyzed. The objective of the ...
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    Nagi, Kuldeep; John, Varughese K. (European Open Access Research Association, 2021-05-05)

    Academic misconduct, especially plagiarism, has always been a critical academic issue in Thailand. Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID crisis has also led to another kind of pandemic plagiarism. Due to the ongoing lockdown the use of the internet, digital platforms, and eLearning has dramatically increased. This sudden explosion in online learning has further exacerbated attitudes about plagiarism. Needless to say, the internet provides ample opportunities for Thai students to access a wealth of information without visiting their school, ...
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    'A study on IT employees responses to motivational practices in IT companies' 

    Varughese K. John; Rejoice Thomas (NIDA Development Journal, 2017-10)

    Information Technology (IT) industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India as elsewhere in the world. It has made its mark in the international markets. IT employees have contributed a great deal to this success story. Motivation is the driving force behind the quality output. The present study attempts to understand the motivational practices of IT industry in the city of Bangalore which is the hub in supply of IT products all over the globe. 510 software employees from 36 companies are surveyed. The data was analyzed using ...