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    Determinants and Impacts of Internet Addiction on Well-being and Educational Adjustment of University Students 

    Varma, Parvathy; Polthep Poonpol; Uree Cheasakul (Assumption University, 2017-07-18)

    The present research aimed to investigate the determinants and impacts on internet addiction on wellbeing and educational adjustment of Thai University students. The major purposes of this current study were (1) to establish the psychometric properties of the Thai translated questionnaires of parenting styles, self-regulation, educational adjustment and psychological well being in Thai settings; (2) to investigate the direct and indirect influences of parenting styles (authoritaria...
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    Roles of Employer Brand Trust and Brand Value on Employer Attractiveness and Job Selection of the Prospective Job Applicants 

    Nucharee Supatn (Assumption University, 2017-04)

    To compete in nowadays business environment, one focus that an organization should not overlook is the quality of the employees since it undoubtedly influences the organizational performance and leads to organizational success. The effectiveness of the Job employment process has been issued in the human resource field for decades. "Employer branding" is a human resource strategic tool that the organization can use to obtain the talented and skillful employees who fit well with the organization and its requi...
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    D'Souza, June B. (Assumption University, 2015-09)

    Salutogenic constructs like self monitoring and locus of control are deemed important because relationship to well-being With the onset of globalization people life styles and work environments have changed ler;iding to more stressful conditions at work and in the long run a break down in daily functioning. The present multilevel study investigated if, burnout which is a pathogenic construct can be impacted by personality traits like self-monitoring, locus of control and utilization of di...
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    The Moderating Roles of Organizational Learning and Strategic Flexibility on Marketing Strategic Change and Business Performance: Evidence from Firms in Thailand 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje (Assumption University, 2016-01)

    Owing to the inconclusive results of prior studies on the strategic change-firm performance relationship, this paper extends the marketing strategy literature by specifically investigating the marketing strategic change phenomenon in a non-Western emerging economy. An emerging market context is of particular interest given that little is known about it while generating half of global GDP based on the IMF's World Economic Outlook in 2014. Unconventional to the existing stream of research,...
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    Determinants of Student-Lecturer Relationship and its Outcomes 

    Suppasit Sornsri; Bing, Zhu (Assumption University, 2017-09-30)
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    The Effect of Emotional Attachment on the Impulse Purchasing Behavior: A Case of TV Home Shopping 

    Nucharee Supatn (Assumption University, 2015-08)

    TV home shopping is one of marketing strategies under the direct response marketing paradigm. This strategy does not emphasize on the brand creation or using traditional marketing channels but it aims to attract the consumer emotionally while immediate purchase of the customers is expected. TV home shopping business is now expanding in Thai market. There are couple TV channels operating as the TV home shopping channels while several TV home shopping programs are presenting on many cable and free...
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    Convex Analysis for Meta Analysis 

    Adamcik, Martin (Assumption University, 2017-01-06)
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    Roles of Travel Destination Image, Travel Motivation, Self-Congruity and Perceived Value toward Travel Incentives on Employee Motivation and Performance 

    Nucharee Supatn (Assumption University, 2016-05)

    Organizational reward is known as one of the best strategies to enhance employees' working performance and productivity. Travel incentive is a type of the organizational reward that aims to promote performance, recognition, engagement, and even loyalty of the employees, customers, and business partners. Travel incentives include individual business meeting, group travel to offsite business meetings, as well as the travel and tours to any places outside the office. Travel incentive programs have been ...