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    Tutorial on image reconstruction based on weighted sum (WS) filter approach: from single image to multi-frame image 

    Vorapoj Patanavijit (Assumption University Press, 2009)

    For large magnification factors, the prior classical smoothness leads to overly smooth results with very little high-frequency content. The classical image restorations are failing to reconstruct the desired image. Consequently, the Recognition-Based Restoration is desired for these purposes and one of the most effective techniques is of a weighted sum (WS) filter. This paper reviews the research framework of weighted sum (WS) filter approach for image reconstruction. This research framework first starts with the Hard-Partition-based Weighted ...
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    Convergence acceleration of turbo decoding iterations with the Epsilon algorithm 

    Lwin, Nay Myo; Batovski, Dobri Atanasso (Assumption University Press, 2009)

    The series of soft values of consecutive iterations of turbo decoding are used for convergence acceleration with the Epsilon algorithm. It is shown that a certain improvement of the bit error rate (BER) can be obtained compared to the standard turbo decoding. Turbo codes for third generation communication systems are used for the computational experiments. BER results in case of correlated fading are presented as an illustration of the performance of the convergence acceleration approach.
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