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dc.contributor.authorSon, Sunmi
dc.contributor.authorThongdee Kijboonchoo
dc.identifier.citationPSAKU International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (PSAKUIJIR), Vol. 5, No. 2, (July-December 2016)
dc.description.abstractNowadays Korea is well known by its popular culture, such as, TV dramas and pop music, called as "Korean Wave", which the Korean government has considered as soft power for enhancing exports. This study aims to investigate the impact of Korean wave on the purchase intention of Korean cosmetics. Korean wave in this study consists of three variables which are sympathy and empathy induced by Korean dramas, the attractiveness of Korean celebrities. The country image of Korea, brand awareness and brand equity of Korean cosmetics are also examined as mediating variables. 398 data were collected from women in Bangkok and Chonburi, Thailand. They have experienced Korean wave. A survey questionnaire method was employed. Pearson correlation was used to test the hypotheses. The results show that Korean wave has a positive impact on the country image of Korea, and positive country image can increase the purchase intention of Korean cosmetics. Thus, Korean wave can be a soft power of Korea which can promote country image and exports. These findings can be used as guidelines for the Korean government and Korean companies for sustainable growth of industries related to Korean wave.en_US
dc.format.extent8 pagesen_US
dc.subjectKorean Waveen_US
dc.subjectKorean Cosmeticsen_US
dc.subjectPurchase Intentionen_US
dc.subjectCountry Imageen_US
dc.subjectBrand Equityen_US
dc.titleThe Impact of Korean Wave on the Purchase Intention of Korean Cosmetics of Thai People in Bangkok and Chonburi, Thailanden_US
dc.rights.holderSon, Sunmien_US
dc.rights.holderThongdee Kijboonchooen_US
mods.genreArticleen_US[Full Text] (

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