Recent Submissions

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    Quantum computing 

    Win, David Tin (Assumption University, 2010)
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    An approach for exploring combinatorial properties of R-path omega Interconnection networks 

    Veselovsky, Gennady (Assumption University, 2010)

    Multiple path multistage interconnection networks as compared to their parental one path cube-type networks provide better permutation capability and offer such important property as fault-tolerance. In this paper an approach for investigation permuting ability of R-path Omega networks is proposed. The analysis as concerned to arbitrary permutations is done with the help of number theory methods. As to BPC (bit-permute-complement) permutations admissibility check to the aforementioned type of networks, the modified window method is proposed....
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    Processing of vanilla pods grown in Thailand and its application 

    Wunwisa Krasaekoopt; Abusali, Salina Benasi, jt. auth.; Montha Chayasan, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2010)