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dc.contributor.authorThanonchakorn Kongsagoonwong
dc.contributor.authorChittipa Ngamkroeckjoti
dc.identifier.citation8th National and International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (NICHSS 2018) as of November 30th 2018en_US
dc.description.abstractThe article summarizes Mid-roll YouTube Advertising effectiveness theories. The objective of this research is to form an understanding regarding the factors that affect Mid-roll YouTube Advertising effectiveness. This study focuses on Audience's Attention, Audiences ‘attitudes towards Mid-roll YouTube advertising which includes, credibility, entertainment and the quality of information, and Perceived Intrusiveness. Moreover, SAS Enterprise is used to analyze the data. The research methodology copes with Pearson Product-Moment Correlation to analyze the data and test all three hypotheses. The result exposed the positive effects of overall Audience’s Attention and Perceived intrusiveness on MYAe. However, Audiences ‘attitudes towards Mid-roll YouTube advertising has negative effects on MYAe.en_US
dc.format.extent10 pagesen_US
dc.subjectQuality of informationen_US
dc.titleA reflection of mid-roll you tube advertising effectiveness (MYAe): a case study in Thailanden_US
dc.rights.holderThanonchakorn Kongsagoonwongen_US
dc.rights.holderChittipa Ngamkroeckjoti
mods.genreConference Paperen_US

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