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    The internet and life long learning (LLL)-a new revolution 

    Santithorn Banchua; Nagi, Kuldeep (2018)

    Global expansion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the way we create and consume information. As of December 2017, fifty percent of the users of the Internet reside in Asia. Besides collaborating on common interests people are forming virtual on-line communities and utilizing Social Networks to share knowledge and their life experiences. Although the rate of change in terms of usage of technology in education has been slow but the rise of Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube...
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    An analysis of quality assurance in elearning: course management level 

    Naree Achwarin (2018)

    The purpose of the study was to examine concepts and principles of quality assurance in eLearning for course management level. The author reviewed, and analyzed the existing literatures, researches and case studies, particularly emphasized on quality assurance in eLearning process that relevant to the course management system, especially in course production process and delivery of eLearning. This study highlights an important view of the application of quality assurance concepts and principle through eLearning at course management level. ...
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    Factors influencing online purchase intention 

    Thanawan Phongsatha; Vivittawin Jirawoottirote (2018)

    : Nowadays, the popularity of the Internet usage is growing in all businesses, shopping is not excluded. People have changed the way they shop from off line to online. As such, consumer behavior should be explored since the technology especially the Internet has become the mainstream of people lives. Therefore, the research was aimed to determine whether Perceived Usefulness (PU), Perceived Ease Of Use (PEOU), and Perceived Risks (PR) has influenced online purchase intention of customers. These three factors were considered when people wou...
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    Factors relating to turnover intention of medical sales representatives of BDSH Thailand Ltd. 

    Piyathida Praditbatuga; Oranich Phakcharoen (2018)

    This research aims to study whether job satisfaction in terms of Pay, Promotion, Supervision, Fringe Benefits, Contingent Rewards, Operating Conditions, Coworkers, Nature of Work, and Communication has a relationship with turnover intention of medical sales representatives in BDSH Thailand Ltd. The questionnaire was used as a research instrument to collect data. The data was collected from all 230 medical sales representatives in BDSH Thailand Ltd. Pearson’s correlation analysis was used to test the research hypotheses. The results of this...
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    Factors influencing consumer purchase intention towards imported bedding brands 

    Piyathida Praditbatuga; Nichapa Thirakomen (2018)

    The objective of this study was to determine the factors that influence consumer purchase intention towards imported bedding brands in Thailand, based on the Theory of Reasoned Action model (Fishbein & Ajzen, 1975). Data was collected via questionnaires applying the convenience sampling technique to select respondents. One hundred and eighty sets of questionnaires were distributed to customers in department stores in Bangkok once the reliability and validity of the instrument were established. A total of 140 sets out of the 180 sets were c...
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    The approach of teaching ear training for university student: in a case of private international university in Thailand 

    Sit Kesjamras (2018)

    The study presents a brief summary for the approach in teaching ear training for university student. The study reveals methodology and steps in teaching ear training for student who have different level of musical experience, knowledge, and background. The study also mentions other approaches in which ear training are taught outside the university and why other approaches are not taught in the case of private international university in Thailand.