Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the inauguration ceremony of Srisakdi Charmonman IT Center, The College of Internet Distance Education at Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi Campus

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The completion of the 10 storey Srisakdi Charmonman Information Technology Building involved 3 years of construction,a longer period spent in acquisition of machineries, equipments, accessories and an investment of more than 500 million Baht. It was a large project undertaken by the administrators in appreciation of the magnificent contributions made by Professor Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman over the years in his capacity as Vice President for I.T. which brought fame and acclaim to Assumption University as the provider of the best and largest number of outstanding courses in information technology. Prof. Srisakdi also launched the graduate courses and curriculums entitled Computer Information Systems (CIS); the Computer Engineering Management (CEM), the Internet and E-commerce (IEC). Later he also established the Ph .D. (CIS) and Ph.D. (CEM) programmes and the details of his work and his achievements are proudly presented at the website known as (www.charm.au.edu) The building is intended to serve as testament to the great work of an academic whose influence shall extend beyond the present times and reach into the lives of students and scholars of the future.

In dedicating such a significant monument for the benefit of current students and the posterity the administrators did not stint on efforts and expenses and to make it a really grand occasion they extended invitation to HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn who graciously consented to preside over the inauguration ceremonies on August 20, 2004 at 15.00 hours.

In welcoming the Princess, the university campus wore a festive look. The very clouds, which had frowned upon the surroundings, splattering rain now and again over the recent past, dissipated and the sun seemed to join in the fervor and expectation of the university community as Thailand's favorite Princess, the People's Princess visited the university.

After declaring open the building, Her Royal Highness handed out awards to a select few who had achieved distinctions in their work and made significant contributions to the university. H.E. Surapong Sueb­wonglee, the Minister for I.C.T. then presented a report on technology development activities undertaken by the government. In this report he designated the newly inaugurated SCIT Building as the Center of Excellence in I.T. education. Thereafter the University Rector accorded the Royal visitor a personal tour, through exhibition halls arranged especially for the Princess and for the next three days, for the community of Gabrielite schools from all over Thailand.

HRH Princess Sirindhorn in the course of Her exhibition tour presided over a videoconference conducted by Prof. Srisakdi Charmonman, with people from remote locations in US, Malaysia, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen.

The Princess brought grace and charm to each booth she visited, bestowing occasionally the much­-cherished question to a faculty member or student about their exhibits or about information technology in application. Many an attendant at the exhibition was awed by the Princess' intellectual prowess and patience as she did the sights in about two hours and a half.

Setting aside almost half of her otherwise busy day to be at Assumption University, the Princess then chatted with the university and Gabrielite community representatives and guests. She even partook of a bowl of her favorite dishes, much to the hospitable joy and enthusiasm of the hosts.
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