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    The transformational leaders' dimensions and newcomers' organizational socialization process 

    Krisda Tanchaisak (Assumption University, 2006)

    Newcomers' organization assimilation or socialization is a transition process whereby an outsider becomes an insider of an organization. This process involves a lot of change. Four dimensions of transformational leader were suggested to facilitate this change process. The Big Five Model of personality provides insights of the differences on the newcomers part. The relationship between the four dimensions of transformational leaders and five newcomers 'personality traits were delineated. Examination of previ...
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    International business adaptation : a study on Thai exporters 

    Chawit Chaikittisilpa (Assumption University, 2006)

    This study uses multiple regression analysis to examine credibility and benevolence of manufacturers as determinants of industrial buyers commitment which, in turn, leads to this party s business adaptation in an international relationship. Results based on a sample of one hundred Thai industrial exporters reveal positive relationships between hypothesized variables i.e. benevolence, credibility and commitment, commitment and business adaptation. By using split-group analysis and Chow-test, moderating effe...
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    The different amenities provided in apartments and serviced apartmants 

    Sonthya Vanichvatana (Assumption University, 2006)

    Serviced residences by way of apartments and serviced apartments have proliferated around the world including Thailand for the past decades. Although both businesses have been a major attraction for real estate investors, there is still a lack of clarity in terms of the different amenities and services provided. Data was collected from 271 apartments in the central business district of Bangkok from eight districts that were grouped into three zones. Seven types of amenities were ranked the highest in all three set...
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    Bankruptcy prediction using camel ratios : the case of the stock exchange of Thailand 

    Malinee Ronapat (Assumption University, 2006)

    The objective of this paper is to find a model to predict bankruptcy of firms listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) by using a secondary data approach. Using five ratios and applying logistic regression approach, the CAMEL model was then created. The results show the model could be used as a predictor; however, the degree of accuracy may vary with different time, situations and environments.
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    An application of rank transformation : merger target predictions 

    Kaveepong Lertwachara; Pattana Booncho, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2006)

    This study attempts to predict merger targets among banks, and also investigates the predictive power rank transformation adds to the prediction models. Rank transformation has been suggested as a robust and powerful tool for financial problems. Multiple· discriminant analysis (MDA) and logistic regression have been applied to selected ranked and unranked financial ratios. Then, the classification results of MDA and logistic regression on both ranked and unranked data sets are compared. The results have indicated ...
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    A study of work values and related job satisfaction of two work categories in Thailand 

    Pennapha Dhanasarnsilp; Johnson, Herber, jt. auth.; Siron Chaipoopirutana (Assumption University, 2006)

    Effectiveness requires speed and accuracy of information, prompt decisions, and responses in business with intense competition. Employees are a key factor in accomplishing the organizational goals and job satisfaction is one of the most important factors influencing employees' effectiveness. Task status, rewards, etc. are essential factors in job satisfactjon and are important dimensions related to work values. A total of 208 sales personnel and 209 manufacturing personnel were subjects in this study. A significan...