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    A study of work values and related job satisfaction of two work categories in Thailand 

    Pennapha Dhanasarnsilp; Johnson, Herber, jt. auth.; Siron Chaipoopirutana (Assumption University, 2006)

    Effectiveness requires speed and accuracy of information, prompt decisions, and responses in business with intense competition. Employees are a key factor in accomplishing the organizational goals and job satisfaction is one of the most important factors influencing employees' effectiveness. Task status, rewards, etc. are essential factors in job satisfactjon and are important dimensions related to work values. A total of 208 sales personnel and 209 manufacturing personnel were subjects in this study. A significant ...
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    The different amenities provided in apartments and serviced apartmants 

    Sonthya Vanichvatana (Assumption University, 2006)

    Serviced residences by way of apartments and serviced apartments have proliferated around the world including Thailand for the past decades. Although both businesses have been a major attraction for real estate investors, there is still a lack of clarity in terms of the different amenities and services provided. Data was collected from 271 apartments in the central business district of Bangkok from eight districts that were grouped into three zones. Seven types of amenities were ranked the highest in all three sets ...