AU Wai Kru Ceremony 2018

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AU Wai Kru (Teachers’ Paying Respect) Ceremony 2018
AU Wai Kru Day
Wai Kru Day at AU
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The AU elaborate Wai Kru ceremony was held on Thursday, September 6, 2018 during which time about 2000 students joined in paying humble respect to the instructors strengthening the student–teacher relationship; signifying students’ readiness to learn and the teachers’ unreserved commitment to imparting their valuable lessons and knowledge which marked the beginning of the academic year. Other highlights included:

Presentation of the certificates of honor to the AU Spark team who innovatively created the unique application for convenient checking of class schedules, grades, registration schedules. ete.

Presentation of the honorable pins to the AUSO president, various student clubs’ presidents and their teams as well as leaders of each foreign student group in recognition of their hard work, sacrifice and contributing roles in various students’ activities and university functions.

Competition of the elaborately decorated floral “Flower Vases" presented by student representatives from each faculty. This culturally auspicious occasion conducted at the John Paul II Sports Center, Suvarnabhumi Campus, was fully participated by the university high-ranking management which included vice presidents, deans, department heads, directors, alongside with faculty members, staff and respect-paying students.

Presiding over this culturally auspicious ceremony, Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President-Rector Magnificus, stressed in his address the two vital aspects: students being sacrificial leaders who are ready to contribute to the worthy causes; and the balance of learning and being involved in extra-curricular activities.

Towards the end, the president took the opportunity to meet with a gathering of AUSO’s students’ parents at the University’s museum to express his appreciation for their understanding and supports in allowing their children to sacrificially partake in various university’s noteworthy activities.
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