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    The study on millennials Chinese independent traveler's decision to visit Bangkok, Thailand 

    Xiong, Qi; Kim, Seongdok (Assumption University Press, 2020)

    The purpose of this study is to understand the factors that influence millennials Chinese traveler to Bangkok for independent travel. Based on the push-pull theory, the researcher selected three push (Escape, Get experiences & Knowledge, Socialization) and three pull factors (Nature, Culture, Activity). The researcher add if gender is a factor that influences people's decision to travel independently. In this study, 394 millennials Chinese who traveled independently in Bangkok are surveyed through questionnaires. The researcher use quota ...
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    International tourism and economic development-a panel data analysis of top 10 tourist visited countries 

    Sahanon Tungbenchasirikul; Sanchai Tiewprasertkul; Wisaroot Pariyaprasert (Assumption University Press, 2020)

    International tourism has been playing a key role in driving economic development for countries across the world. In fact, top 10 tourist visited countries have been gaining significant amount of tourism revenue, but also a large number of international tourists since two decades ago. As a result, this research analyzes relationships between international tourism and economic development of top 10 tourist visited countries. In so doing, the researchers adopted a quantitative research method, namely, panel-data multiple regression analysis...
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    Too clever for our own good: a reflective review of twelve key issues in our western societies 

    Barnes, John (Assumption University Press, 2020)

    Many people in our Developed Western World believe that we are entering or are already in, an era of great societal change, redolent of the Renaissance and the Reformation periods from a cultural perspective and of the Industrial Revolution in terms of commerce, manufacturing industry and service provision. This study reviews and critiques a broad literature of developments from twelve areas namely 1. Loss of spiritual Faith by many; 2. Increasing Economic Inequality across the social strata; 3.The Increasing Incidence of Mental Illness i...
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    Factor influencing the customers to use online shopping platform for shopping cosmetics: a case study of people in Bangkok 

    Chutimun Mullasatsarathorn; Kessara Choknuttakul; Natthaya Thanasansakonphop; Juthatip Taweekul; Soonthorn Pibulcharoensit; Somsit Duang-Ek-Anong (Assumption University Press, 2020)

    Nowadays social media highly influence people with the enjoyment of online platform such as chatting, watching, listing, working and/or shopping. The research has been gathered to survey and look into the points that impact consumers use of online shopping platform to shop cosmetics in Bangkok. The data were collected through questionnaire survey by distributing 400 questionnaires to 400 qualified respondents who are living in Bangkok and have experience from an online platform to shop cosmetics by using easy sampling techniques. Confirma...
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    The factors influencing Thai passenger's intention to reuse Grab Car service in Bangkok 

    Chutikarn Homniem; Nathaya Pupat (Assumption University Press, 2020)

    Bangkok is the urban area, where people need convenient and comfortable lifestyle, transportation is one of important factors for urban life since the travel plan should be prepared for traffic congestion, crowd, and rush hours. However, there are many issues in public transportation, even though they are legal, regulated, policies are not strict enough to protect the passengers. This has led to the emergence of e-hailing services in Thailand in recent years. The research aims to explore the key factors influencing Thai passenger’s intenti...