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    Efficient bitstream compression using historical-based grouping and size-based coding rearrangement 

    Thotsapon Sortrakul; Wuthikrai Tharachatr (2009)

    Data storage becomes one of the important factors for most of large enterprises in increasing the cost, chip area, and dissipation. Large enterprises usually create redundancy of repeated digital messages through communication and documentary. In order to minimize these kinds of redundant bitstream, this paper presents a novel algorithm for lossless data compression by developing Historical-Based grouping and Sized-Based Coding Rearrangement approaches to reduce the code size used in compress redundant data flows. The Historical-Based grouping ...
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    An integral equation model for a binary fission process 

    Winley, Graham K. (2010)

    A new probabilistic modeling approach is used to describe the transient and stable stages of growth of a population consisting of viable cells and vegetative cells. Viable cells are capable of division at the end of a random life-time (generation time) and when a cell divides it produces exactly two newborn cells. On average, at time t, α(t) of these two newborn cells are viable cells and 2 - α(t) are vegetative cells, which do not divide at any time. The model is developed by modifying the integral equation used by demographers to study the ...
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    Using the students-as-customers concept in technology disciplines: students' perspectives 

    Boonlert Watjatrakul (2010)

    Educational institutions increasingly adopt the students-as-customers concept to satisfy their students. Understanding students’ perspectives on the use of this business concept in educational institutions is necessary for the institutions to effectively align these perspectives with their management practice. The study investigates whether students in technology and business disciplines have significantly different attitudes toward using the students-as-customers concept in educational institutions and explores the impact of treating ...
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    Hybrid Technique and Competence Preserving Case Deletion Methods for Case Maintenance in Case-Based Reasoning 

    Lawanna, A.; Daengdej, J. (2010)

    Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is one of machine learning algorithms for problem solving and learning that caught a lot of attention over the last few years. In general, CBR is composed of four main phases: retrieve the most similar case or cases, reuse the case to solve the problem, revise or adapt the proposed solution, and retain the learned cases before returning them to the case base for learning purpose. Unfortunately, in many cases, this retain process causes the uncontrolled case base growth. The problem affects competence and performance of ...
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    ไตรมาสแรกของปี พ.ศ. 2553 เศรษฐกิจของโลก เสมือนจริงมีมูลค่ากว่า 5,300 ล้านบาท 

    Unknown author (window IT Pro MagazineWindow IT Pro Magazine, 2010-09-13)

    บทความเรื่อง "ไตรมาสแรกของปี พ.ศ. 2553 เศรษฐกิจของโลกเสมือนจริงมีมูลค่ากว่า 5,300ล้านบาท" โดย ศ.ดร. ศรีศักดิ์ จามรมาน รองอธิการบดีฝ่ายเทคโนโลยีสารสนเทศ มหาวิทยาลัยอัสสัมชัญ
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    Creatinine prediction from body composition a neural network approach 

    Thitipong Tanprasert; Chularat Tanprasert (2011)

    Creatinine, a naturally-produced chemical compound in blood, has been commonly used as a reliable indicator of kidney function. Creatinine level is typically obtained from blood-test. In this paper, a technique for predicting the criticality of creatinine level in blood is presented. The proposed technique takes only body size and mass parameters obtained from advanced weighing scale and body scanner, allowing the prediction to be done more casually. The technique applies a multi-layered feed-forward neural network for developing the prediction ...
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    Unknown author (Daily News, 2011-07-22)
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    ยุคไฮสปีด : แรงต้องระวัง 

    โชคดี เลียวพานิช (MicroComputer Magazine, 2011-10-24)
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    The Adoption and Use of ICT in Thailand and Vietnam 

    Winley, Graham Kenneth; Lau, Sim Kim (2012)

    This exploratory study compares the adoption and use of ICT in the developing nations of Vietnam and Thailand by examining the nature and structure of the IT profession in medium to large size organizations. A theoretical framework is used with three related components: domains of IT professional expertise; the scope of the IT professional’s knowledge, skills, and experience; and specific knowledge and skills associated with the domains of professional expertise. The findings provide insights that are not found in existing reports which ...
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    Intention to Use a Free Voluntary Service: The Effects of Social Influence, Knowledge and Perceptions 

    Boonlert Watjatrakul (2013)

    Purpose – This empirical study aims to understand the interrelationship among the key technology adoption factors including social influence, individual existing knowledge, and individual perceptions of technology (i.e. usefulness, ease of use, and enjoyment) and their effects on individual intention to use a free voluntary service. Design/methodology/approach – The survey method is employed to collect data from universities offering the free mobile messaging service. A structural equation modeling analysis technique is used to analyze data ...
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    Experimental Analysis of Performance Comparison on Both Linear Filter and Bidirectional Con dential Technique for Spatial Domain Optical Flow Algorithm 

    Darun Kesrarat; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2013)

    Optical flow is a method for classifying the density velocity or motion vector (MV) in a degree of pixel basis for motion classification of image in video sequences. In actual situation, many unpleasant situations usually generate noises over the video sequences. These unpleasant situations corrupt the performance in efficiency of optical flow. In turn to increase the efficiency of the MV, this research work proposes the performance comparison on linear filter and bidirectional confidential technique for spatial domain optical flow ...
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    MEMS Technology for Optical Switching 

    Kornkamol Thakulsukanan (2013)

    Over the last ten years, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices have received attention in many application areas such microwave, wireless, and optical networks. Especially in optical networks, MEMS technology is employed to provide the advantages of large switch matrix size with low loss at an optimum cost [1,2]. Therefore, optical switches based MEMS technology are now widely used and are considered a good option for optical switching networks. Moreover, they also provide wavelength insensitivity, polarization insensitivity, scalability, ...
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    The Impact of Internet Banking Service on Customer Satisfaction in Thailand: A Case Study in Bangkok 

    Rangsan Nochai; Titida Nochai (2013)

    The purpose of this study was to find the internet banking service dimensions that will have the impact on customer satisfaction among top three banks in the Bangkok area: Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank and Siam Commercial Bank. Questionnaires were used to collect data from 450 respondents by using quota sampling. Multinomial logistic regression analysis was employed to obtain the important internet banking service dimensions that have the impact on customer satisfaction. Results showed that providing 24hours-7days service, completing a task ...
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    Vendor Selection Strategy for IT Outsourcing: The Weighted-Criteria Evaluation Technique 

    Boonlert Watjatrakul (2014)

    Purpose – Most firms select their information technology outsourcing (ITO) vendors based on the two methods of the weighted-criteria evaluation technique – the “qualification score plus the lowest bid price for the highest price score (QS-LBHPS)” and the “qualification score plus the average bid price for the middle price score (QS-ABMPS).” This paper aims to understand whether these two methods provide the same or different results of vendor selection and how the proportional weights of a vendor’s qualification and bid price affect the ...
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    An Empirical Study about the Role of Personality Traits in Information Technology Adoption 

    Tipa Sriyabhand; John, Surej P. (2014)

    This paper investigates the relationship between personality traits and their Information Technology (IT) adoption. The study used the Five Factor Model (FFM) to assess the personality of individual users who adopt social networking technologies using their mobile devices. This research is conducted among 320 social networking users in Thailand. Based on the theoretical background of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and FFM, a conceptual model is developed and empirically tested. The study found that extraversion, agreeableness are ...
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    An Overview of Digital Trunked Radio: Technologies and Standards 

    Kunagorn Kunavut (2014)

    Land Mobile Radio (LMR) refers to the two-way radio communication system that allows users sharing the same range of frequency to communicate with the others. LMR can be roughly classified into two main systems which are conventional and trunked radio systems. In conventional system, a frequency band is permanently dedicated to a voice channel. However, using trunked radio system can increase the spectrum efficiency by having pool of frequencies which are temporarily assigned to a group of users called talk group only when required. In trunked ...
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    An Overview of Cell Zooming Algorithms and Power Saving Capabilities in Wireless Networks 

    Tun, Khin Cho; Kunagorn Kunavut (2014)

    Cell zooming has emerged as a potential strategy to develop a green communication system in our society and it has become an essential research area of wireless communication. Aiming to highlight the trend of existing cell zooming algorithms and their power saving capabilities, this paper reviews a number of cell zooming algorithms that have been proposed in the literature. Static cell zooming algorithms are effective for off-peak hours and their maximum power saving capability is 50% since off-peak duration is typically not more than ...
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    จับกระแสเทคโนโลยี 2014 

    ดร.โชคดี เลียวพานิช (MicroComputer magazine, 2014-01-24)
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