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    Investment in gold : an alternative for Thai investors 

    Malinee Ronapat (Assumption University, 2007)

    This paper investigates the movement of gold prices from 1981 to 2007 in the developing mar- ket of Thailand. h adopu summary statistics, · price index and exponential smoothing average tech- niques to explore the short and long-term investment strategies in gold. The .findings suggest that Thai investors should buy during the first six months of the year and sell in December to obtain maximum return. It is also suggested that the longer the investment horizon, the more apparent iJ the associated return and risk.
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    The valuation of warrants in Thailand : using the black-scholes model 

    Phassawan Suntraruk (Assumption University, 2007)

    The study aims to examine the appropriate pricing model for valuating wa"ants traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Black-Scholes model and its extensions are examined with historical and GARCH volatilities by using the out-of-sample data. The relationships between pricing errors and model variables are also analyzed. Findings suggest that the dilution adjusted Black--Scholes model with historical volatility is the most suitable model to predict the wa"ant prices and most pricing models tend to overprice in-the-money ...
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    Warrant pricing model : an empirical study on the valuation models for warrants listed in Thailand 

    Ekkachai Boonchuaymetta; Treerapot Kongtoranin (Assumption University, 2007)

    This empirical study focwes on examining the relative performance between four wa"ant pric- ing models; Black-Scholes-Merton Model (BS), Galai and Schneller Model (GS), a Dilution Adjusted- BlacJc -Scholes Model (DA.BS), and Square-Root Constant Elasticity of Variance (SRCEV) of Beclrers. Over 8,000 daily wa"ant prices on 14 most actively traded wa"ants in Thailand are employed. We.find that among models, BS model provides the best accuracy. In terms of moneyness and maturity, BS model calculates accurately for ...