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    The comparative study of Internet Infrastructure Investment between WiMAX and 3G to support incoming growth of eLearning in Thailand 

    Nakachin Wiboonprasong; Tanawat Ruangteprat (2010)

    This study investigates the economic feasibility study with scenario analyze the implementation of 3G Technology or WiMAX on Thailand mobile operator and Internet Service Provider. The analysis is limited to the Thailand telecommunication market. This study analyses the Thailand telecommunication market with a financial model, which shows annual cash flows, net present values (NPV), Return On Investment (ROI), payback period and scenario analyze. Nowadays, most Thailand Mobile Network Operators and Internet Service Provider are keeping their ...
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    The evolution of instructional system design model 

    Nida Denphaisarn; Thotsapon Sortrakul (2010)

    The Field of instructional design and technology contain the analysis of learning and performance problems, and the design, development, implementation, evaluation and management of instructional and non instructional processes and resources are intended to improve learning and performance in a variety of settings, particularly educational institutions and the workplace. Professionals in the field of instructional design and technology often use systematic instructional design procedures and employ a variety of instructional media to accomplish ...