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    People Identification and Counting System Using Raspberry Pi 

    Tussanai Parthornratt (2016-01)

    The work in this paper focuses on an implementation of OpenCV in an embedded system like raspberry Pi to create a mini-standalone station for counting people. The key feature of AU-PiCC (Assumption University's raspberry Pi Customer counter) is to count a number of interested people on target product in a pre-defined area along with a simple face identification to avoid counting duplicates. The experimental results show that this raspberry Pi-based system can be used as a simple people counter station.
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    PiFrame: A Framework for Home Automation Platform on the Full Feature OS 

    Pasd Putthapipat (2016-01)

    This work provides the framework for implementing the embedded systems on the embedded computer that running full-feature OS to shorten the development cycle and reduces the embedded system limitation. The Raspberry Pi, running the full-feature Linux, is used as the based system of the framework with the additional development of software environment and general purpose hardware extension. The framework can be used for both education and research.
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    Design and Development of a Flood Warning System via Mobile and Computer Networks 

    Anand Dersingh (2016-01)

    Environmental data plays an important role in forecasting and warning of possible natural disaster such as flooding. Thailand faced a major flood in 2011, which at that time lacks automated mechanism in collecting environmental data and warning system. This work presents the design and development of a flood warning system. The system contains an embedded data acquisition module that can be placed in a remote area in order to collect environmental data such as amount of rainfall, water level, and image periodically. The collected data ...
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    Ball On The Plate Model Based on PID Tuning Methods 

    Narong Aphiratsakun; Otaryan, Nane (2016)

    Controller design is one of the important steps during the modelling of various systems, starting with constructing an electric kettle to an aircraft system. To achieve a good controller it is needed to define suitable values for the controller coefficients. This paper describes the research practices of the tuning technique by using MATLAB/Simulink compared with manually PID tuning based on the trial and error process, as well as, PID tuning methods from Ziegler- Nichols and Tyreus-Luyben (closed-loop proportional gain control or P-Co...
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    An optimal performance investigation for bilateral filter under four different image types 

    Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-11)

    The merit of bilateral filter is that it preserves the edges of the image and smooth the image at the same time. This can be done by controlling two important parameters — spatial domain parameter and range domain parameter. The contribution of this paper is two-fold. First, we investigate the optimal parameters of the bilateral filter under four different types of images — aerial, face, object and texture. The simulation results show that the parameters — spatial domain parameter and range parameter — should be changed depending on th...
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    4x4 High-Magnification Image Reconstruction Based on Hybrid of Multi-frame SR Approach and Image Super Resolve Algorithm 

    Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-11)

    From tremendously soliciting high quality and high resolution images, sundry image reconstruction algorithms have been researched and implemented during the last fifteen years, especially for high-magnification image reconstructions. In this paper, we develop high-magnification image reconstruction based on hybrid of a multi-frame SR approach and an image super resolve algorithm for 4x4 magnifying in resolution. First, a group of polluted low resolution images are amalgamated for 2x2 magnifying in resolution and suppressing the noise in...
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    The Bilateral Denoising Performance Influence of Window, Spatial and Radiometric Variance 

    Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-08)

    In the research operation of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Digital Image Processing (DIP), one of the most essential obstacles is the image denoise algorithm by the reason of a very large demand of high quality noise-free images therefore there are many image denoise algorithms have been invented in the time of two decades. Bilateral filter is one of the most impressive and feasible algorithms, which is usually applied for denoise propose, but the performance of the Bilateral filter is substantially bank on three parameters: spati...