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    Bidirectional Confidential with Bilateral Filter on Local Based Optical Flow for Image Reconstruction under Noisy Condition 

    Darun Kesrarat; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015)

    More than a decade, Optical flow is relevant in many areas such as video coding and compression, robot vision, object tracking and segmentation, and super resolution reconstruction. By the result of the motion vector from optical flow, reduction the error stands a problem especially under noisy condition. Many models have been proposed to reduce the error and bilateral is one of the popular models. This paper introduces the model of bilateral filter in combination with bidirectional confidential over simple local based optical flow where ...
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    Experimental Efficiency Analysis in Robust models of Spatial Correlation Optical Flow Methods under Non Gaussian Noisy Contamination 

    Darun Kesrarat; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2013-05)

    In this paper, we present a performance analysis of several robust models of spatial correlation optical flow algorithms including an original spatial correlation optical flow (SCOF), bidirectional for high reliability optical flow (BHR), gradient orientation information for robust motion estimation (GOI), and robust and high reliability based on bidirectional symmetry and median motion estimation (RHR) under the non Gaussian noise conditions. The simulated results are tested on 4 different in foreground and background movement characteristics ...
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    Performance Investigation on Bilateral Filter with Confidence Based over Spatial Correlation-based Optical Flow for Image Reconstruction 

    Darun Kesrarat; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2014)

    Optical flow in image sequences gives essential data on motion structure. It is relevant in several areas such as robot vision, video coding, and super resolution reconstruction. Even though this realm has been concentrated for more than a decade, reduction the glitch in estimation stands a difficult trouble. Many techniques were proposed to enhance the performance and one of the most is bilateral filter. This paper presents the performance study of bilateral filter and bilateral filter together with confidence based over spatial ...