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    The mental health service utilizing EMDR with Tsunami survivors in Thailand 

    Nanthaphan Chinlumprasert; Supin Pornbhipatkul; Monsicha Tanawut Phakaphon Taewrob; Thussaneewan Ponyot; Siriporn Poonruksa

    Life after Tsunami was difficult and the survivors have become traumatized due to the loss and the fear. Different techniques have been brought in to help people heal psychologically, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) was one of them. This study reported the mental health service utilizing EMDR in Khao Lak under the Making Waves Project during February-December 2005. The participants were 415 Tsunami survivors who demonstrated psychological impact from the event. The Impact of Event Scales was used to identify the target ...