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    Behavioral intention of Bangkokians to adopt mobile payment services by type of users 

    Benjaporn Benjangjaru; Rawin Vongurai (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    Technology and Trend of mobile payment or cashless wallet have continuously grown and the potential to replace the traditional payment method is large. The purpose of this study is to understand the factors that impact customer behavioral intention to start using mobile payment service in the case of Thai people in Bangkok. Also, investigate the difference between 2 types of user as personal used user and business owner user toward the behavioral intention to adopt mobile payment services. A conceptual model in this study was developed based on ...
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    Destination Competitiveness Amazing Bangkok versus Lion City Singapore 

    Adarsh Batra (Enlightening Tourism. A Pathmaking Journal, Vol 7, No 2 (2017), pp.154-178, 2017-12-01)

    Achieving a bigger share of international tourist arrivals has led to growing intense competition between destinations. A comparison of tourism competitiveness between two popular tourist destinations, Bangkok and Singapore could be of interest to tourism planners, practitioners and researchers. This study aims to investigate and compare the competitiveness of Bangkok and Singapore as tourist destinations by examining tourism standing, contemporary tourism marketing strategies and their available features and benefits for arriving tourists. ...
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    Factors Influencing the Intention to Use Mobile Banking Services in Bangkok 

    Panjaporn Chansaenroj; Rapeepat Techakittiroj (2015-08)

    Nowadays, Mobile Banking can help the customer to manage their account anytime and anywhere on their devices or mobile phone, the customer can simply log into the mobile banking service in each bank.This research aims to identify the factors which affect the consumer to use the mobile banking services which bank can use this information to improve their system and services efficiently. The finding shows that the perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, the perceived cost and perceived risk were affected with the intention to use mobile banking.
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    An investigation of the factors influencing consumers of different generation's behavioral intention towards franchised Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Waratchaya Tanasapsakul; Rawin Vongurai (Assumption University Press, 2018-12)

    This research attempts to investigate the factors that impact consumer’s behavioral intention towards franchised Japanese restaurants in Bangkok as the number of franchised Japanese restaurants in Bangkok is decreasing which is different from the overall number of franchised Japanese restaurants in Thailand, and to examine the differences among three generational groups (Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z). A conceptual model was developed based on previous studies that include quality of physical environment, service quality, food ...
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    A Study of Factors Affecting Rabbit Card Usage in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Phonsaran Summaviriya; Sirion Chaipoopirutana (2016-06)

    The purpose of this study was to identify influencing factors toward Rabbit card usage. In this research, the dependent variable is Rabbit card usage, while independent variables consisted of compulsive purchase tendency, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived credibility, the amount of information on Rabbit card, and demographic factors. The researchers developed five hypotheses for this study. The data were collected through a questionnaire survey of 400 respondents in two selected BTS stations in Bangkok, namely Siam ...
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    The study of the relationship between push factors, pull factors, tour guide performance and tourists' satisfaction in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Rattanaporn Siajaroen; Sming Chungviwatanant (2016)

    This research determined the relationship between push factors, pull factors, tour guide performance and tourists' satisfaction; specifically, the Chinese and German tourists who visited Bangkok during the month of October and November 2015. The research collected data from 200 respondents by distributing questionnaires to tourists groups. Non-probability sampling, quota sampling and convenience sampling were applied. One hundred samples were collected from Chinese tourists and another 100 samples were collected from German tourists. One hundred ...