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    The study of the relationship between push factors, pull factors, tour guide performance and tourists' satisfaction in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Rattanaporn Siajaroen; Sming Chungviwatanant (2016)

    This research determined the relationship between push factors, pull factors, tour guide performance and tourists' satisfaction; specifically, the Chinese and German tourists who visited Bangkok during the month of October and November 2015. The research collected data from 200 respondents by distributing questionnaires to tourists groups. Non-probability sampling, quota sampling and convenience sampling were applied. One hundred samples were collected from Chinese tourists and another 100 samples were collected from German tourists. One hun...
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    An exploration of the factors concerned with reducing the use of plastic carrier bags in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Hohmann, Roland; Chutawat Wattana; Phichittra Sracheam; Supichaya Siriapornsakul; Vorapot Ruckthum (2016)

    This research is an exploratory study to examine the attitude of people in Bangkok, Thailand, towards the reduction in use of plastic shopping bags. The research objective is to provide recommendations for policymakers as well as stakeholders in the public and private sector as to how plastic bag use may be effectively reduced. Key findings are that the four factors of the independent variable 'Use of plastic bags in Bangkok' and four of the demographic variables Gender, Nationality, Age, and Occupation are all significantly related to the de...
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    A factor analysis on ideal leadership characteristics among young MBA students: a case study of international MBA program in Assumption University 

    Raoufian, Mohammad; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2016)

    This survey research used the quantitative approach and examined four variables, consisting of self-awareness, communication, trust, and team-building literature review. This study was conducted at Assumption University of Thailand, Hua-mak campus among current international MBA program students who were employees in different organizations in Bangkok. for analyzing the gathered data, analysis descriptive statistics and factor analysis were used to find out the perception of respondents, specifying the characteristics that were appropriate fo...
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    Raising awareness of career goals of insurance agents: a case study of Choomthong 24K26, AIA Company 

    Panita Lasim; Fernando, Maria Socorro C. L.; Nathaya Pupat (2016)

    This article is a summary of key study done on a group of AIA insurance agents (Choomthong 24K26). It focused on raising awareness of career goals of insurance agents. The study was based on three main factors; performance, excellence and self-development. The respondents of this study were 33 AIA agents who were selected according to their overall performance. Two main methods were used to collect data: interview and questionnaire. Data gathered through questionnaires were collected twice during the study period, firstly before ODI and se...
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    Designing and implementing ODI to improve communication and coordination: a case study standard manufacturing Co., Ltd., secretarial section 

    Wantida Khumtong; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2016)

    This is a research project with a proposed ODI to improve the communication and coordination between the secretarial section and other departments. The researcher designed an appropriate OD Intervention to improve communication and coordination. The first intervention was designing a manual and provided training to the departments who coordinated directly with the secretarial section. The second intervention involved communication training for the secretarial section. This study used quantitative research method. It consisted of two sets o...
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    Service quality improvement through ODI: a case study of Prem Mansion, Bangkok 

    Sarinee Keyuraphan; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2016)

    this study aims to determine the initial impact of organization development intervention on willingness, problem resolution, time management, and communication skills of employees to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction. Consequently, the work is expected to benefit the organization of Prem Mansion itself in terms of better reputation and trust resulting from the improved service quality. The research covers three phases-Pre-ODI, ODI implementation, and Post-ODI. The first stage is to seek to understand the current situation, in...
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    Leveraging employee engagement and employee performance towards excellent service quality: an action research on TMD Hair Dressing and Beauty Salon Services in Yangon, Myanmar 

    Fernando, Maria Socorro C. L. (2016)

    This research paper analyzed the impact of employee engagement and employee performance on the service quality of TMD Hairdressing and Beauty Salon Services in Yangon, Myanmar. This study used organization development interventions (ODIs) to improve employee engagement, employee performance and service quality. The objectives were: to assess and analyze the current situation of the organization; to design and implement the deliberate organization development interventions (ODIs); to measure the initial impact of ODIs; to determine the differe...
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    Using large scale individual creativity to improve organisational efficiency 

    Vorapot Ruckthum (2016)

    This study reviews the outcomes from six similar organisational interventions two from the USA, three from the UK (one using Appreciative Inquiry) and one from Romania. By way of an illustration the process used by one of the interventions (Clapp, 1991) is described in detail. This process uses a well-defined problem to elicit potential solutions from people working in the organisation who have knowledge of the problem area. The results are compared with the five other interventions that use a similar process. The results show that given a ...
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    Developing cross-cultural leadership skills and cross-cultural team working skills through organization development intervention: a case study of a multinational enterprise (MNE) in Thailand 

    Chavez, Gloria (2016)

    In the present competitive world of business, organizations need constant improvement in their organizational performance in order to survive in the unprecedented changes, Many previous research studies revealed that employee performance had positive relationships directly with organizational performance; as employees are nobody but the customers themselves. This research study focused on the benefits of leadership management and employee engagement in terms of working as a team. The main purpose of the action research was to develop cross-c...
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    An examination of Bangladeshi Patients' Loyalty towards a private hospital in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Afroz, Syeda Israt; Apichart Intravisit (2015)

    The study aims to understand what influence medical tourists, more precisely, Bangladeshi medical tourists' loyalty towards a private hospital. By considering four variables, which are: satisfaction, perceived value, trust, and destination image, this study conducts a survey-based research with 356 Bangladeshi patients who came to the hospital for medical treatment. The questionnaire, containing 42 items, covered the essence of four variables and the loyalty of the patient towards the hospital. The questionnaires were distributed from 1st Ap...
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    Strength-Based Operations as Organization Development Intervention (SBO-ODI) on Enhancing Teacher Commitment, Engagement, and Performance: a case study of Assumption College Ubon Ratchathani (ACU) 

    Prawat Sutthinont; Kitikorn Dowpiset (2015)

    In the 21th century, four aspects in the era of globalization: complexity, change, competition, and connectivity, has impacted people's livings. To remain competitive the organization needs to design working environments with strong continuous-learning process to enhance commitment and engagement of the employees for better performance. Strength-Based Operation as Organization Development Intervention (SBO-ODI) was designed as a strategic intervention to support the working capabilities of the teaching and supporting staff at Assumption Colle...
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    Teacher Professional Development Program: a case study on Appreciative Teacher Professional Development (ATPD) at Adventist Ekamai School (AES), Bangkok 

    Charnchai Denduangruedee; Villavicencio, Salvacion E. (2015)

    This research aims to examine the applicability of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Whole Brain Literacy (WBL) concepts into designing an effective Teacher Professional Development/Transformation program. The study was conducted on Adventist Ekamai School (AES), a small private Christian school with the main objective to help AES develop/transform its teachers and increase their levels of Teacher Efficacy and Pedagogical Content Knowledge. An Action Research was employed in this study covering a combination of qualitative and quantitative method...
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    An exploratory study on Tourism Authority of Thailand Organizational image attributes 

    Somyot Kaenhin; Batra, Adarsh (2016-01)

    This research identified the attributes that construct the Tourism Authority of Thailand's (TAT) organizational image and explored the current positioning of each attribute. This research was separated in to two phases. The first phase used qualitative, exploratory and inductive research to obtain attributes that constitute the TAT's organizational image. This process is an arbitrary process (Dowling, 1988). There were forty-two attributes generated from the first phase. The second phase mostly used quantitative research to examine the imp...
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    Organization citizenship behaviour path analysis: justice, trust, satisfaction and commitment 

    Kittiwat Watcharachatchawan; Steane, Peter (2016-01)

    The paper examines the impact of: organization justice, transactional: attitudinal commitment, organization trust, and job satisfaction on organization citizenship behaviour. The study was conducted on the primary and secondary catholic schools in Thailand. The organizational objective is to provide an understanding of the relationship between the variables in the organization development area. The sample of the study involved 350 respondents from 10 schools with work groups ranging from top-management, support-management, teachers, as well ...
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    Toward High Performance Organization using Path-Goal Theory and Transformation Theories: A case Study of St.Louis School Chachoengsao 

    Achin Tengtrakul; Fernando, Maria Socorro CL. (2016-01)

    In this study, the main objectives were : to assess the current levels of leadership skills of the leadership team, staff engagement, and the performance effectiveness of the staff ; to design Organization Development Interventions (ODI) that will enhance the leadership skills, staff engagement and the performance effectiveness; to implement ODI and to evaluate the initial effects of ODI on the levels of leadership skills staff engagement and the performance effectiveness; and to propose a Roadmap that will sustain the initial positive effects ...
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    Shifting from Transactional Leadership (T2) to Transformational Leadership (T3) behavior with a Full Range Leadership Development Program (FR-LDP) OD Intervention 

    Hein, Shwe; Chavez, Gloria (2016-01)

    Today's business leaders need to consider alternative ways to shift mindsets and behaviors in organizations for them to be effective in these exponential times. The main purpose of this study was to shift middle managers of the Myanmar ABC Company from transactional leadership (T2) to transformational leadership (T3) behavior using a Full Range Leadership Development Program (FR-LDP) with Appreciative Inquiry, Whole Brain Literacy and Action Learning OD Interventions. The action research model was applied using both quantitative and qualitati...
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    Tourists' understanding of the elephant business in the tourism industry: a study of International Tourists in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand 

    Pannarai Polyapipat; Loh, Aaron (2015)

    The elephant is the best-known national symbol of Thailand that has been linked to Thai people for centuries. However the number of elephants is declining very rapidly in the past 25 years and it is possible that the elephant could become extinct in Thailand within 10 years. As the majority of domesticated elephants are in the tourism business, then to study how tourism affects the elephant's welfare is significant for the elephant itself, business owners and tourists. Consequently, the purpose of this research is to investigate tourists' un...
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    Understanding the impact of ODI on the interpersonal skills of the managers and its effect on the subordinates' role commitment 

    Sinchai Luesukprasert; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab, jt. auth. (Assumption University)
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