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    A roadmap for future development of leadership competencies of ABC non-profit organization, Thailand and Myanmar 

    Bawk, Nang; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2021)

    This mixed-method research has two objectives: 1). identify current and preferred leadership competencies of all employees' levels and rank the priority needs, 2). design a roadmap for the future development of ABC Organization, Thailand, and Myanmar's leadership competencies. The instruments used comprise the structured questionnaire (n=64) and in-depth interview(n=10). The target populations comprise all employees, middle-level management, and top-level management, the purposive sampling method. The data analysis treatments include descrip...
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    Key developmental opportunities for long-term organization development of G Commercial Bank, China: a mixed method research 

    Wu, YuJie; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2021)

    This research-based article employs needs assessment research. The research site is at G Commercial Bank in China. The study comprises two objectives: 1) to examine the current and expected situations of the five performance-related factors, consisting of training & development, work-life balance, supervision, organizational commitment, and perceived AI utilization, and 2) to propose an OD intervention for improvement of the aforementioned performance-related factors. This study employs a semi-structured questionnaire containing fixed choices a...
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    Strategies to improve employees' work efficiency in one branch of ABC Thai Restaurant 

    Zheng, Shu Yue; Fernando, Maria Socorro C. L. (2021)

    This study focuses on determining the factors that influence work efficiency in a Thai Restaurant and aims to design strategies to improve employee work efficiency in the workplace. Mixed-method research using qualitative interviews and a quantitative questionnaire was utilized in this study. There were 12 interview respondents from the top management and middle management and 82 respondents for the questionnaire survey. Based on the qualitative analysis from inter-coding, the restaurant should give employees a clear goal and schedule to fol...
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    Designing a framework and strategies to enhance individual innovative work behavior: a case of a non-profit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

    Seng, Sonika; Fernando, Maria Socorro C. L. (2021)

    Innovation has become such a big part of our everyday life that everywhere we go, whatever we do, we tend to seek something new, whether these are new ideas, new experiences, new products, new places, or new technologies. For organizations in highly competitive environments, innovation ensures sustainability and competitive advantage. However, innovativeness comes from the organization's people, so innovative work behavior has rapidly become a significant factor for organizations to explore and establish. This research assesses the needs of fiv...
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    Designing a prototype coaching model based on emotional intelligence and job performance: a case study of global technology group company, Myanmar 

    Hlaing, Min Swe; Fernando, Maria Socorro C. L. (2021)

    This research investigates the influence of emotional intelligence domains on job performance. The questionnaire is based on Emotional Intelligence's four domains as independent variables, namely: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management, and the dependent variable is job performance. Quantitative data using a questionnaire was gathered from a sample of 70 employees in the management, middle management, and supervisor levels working in Global Technology Group Company (GTG). Qualitative data was gathered fr...
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    Strategies exploration for academic achievement improvement through organization development interventions (ODI) :a study of Kwara State University, Malete 

    Fagbolu, Olukemi; Fallon, Julia (2021)

    This paper focuses on exploring possible strategies for academic achievement improvement of tourism management students. The study in ODI perspective utilizes action research and survey feedback approach and employed mixed methodology comprising quantitative and qualitative in Nigeria context. Data were collected using semi structured questionnaire. Quantitative data are presented on tables and pie charts and analyzed through PSPP statistical analysis free software tool entailing simple descriptives, percentages and means (M). It presents, codi...
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    The influence of enterprise online information behavior on consumer satisfaction 

    Liang, Liu (2021)

    Based on findings from previous studies a model of the influence of enterprise online information behavior on consumer behaviors was formulated, analyzed, and developed using data collected by questionnaire from a sample of 479 consumers in the context of China. Enterprise behavior is represented by three constructs (information disclosure, interaction, and utilization) which influence consumer behaviors related to perceptions of pleasure, control, and attention and in turn consumer satisfaction. Many of the findings related to direct effects t...
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    An organization development intervention to enhance the learning organization: a case study of student affairs, Assumption University of Thailand 

    Tana Kaipunlert (2021)

    Higher education is evolving rapidly in today’s environment of global connectivity, technological advances and student diversity. The education industry must respond to these changes in order to remain viable. As a key division in the university, Student Affairs plays a vital role in helping universities respond to changes by ensuring that students’ needs are addressed effectively. To accomplish this, Student Affairs must continuously be able to improve by becoming skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge, in short, it must bec...
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    Developing student leadership readiness, core leadership skills to enhance student engagement through organization development intervention: action research at Zhejiang Yuexiu University of foreign languages in Zhejiang Province, The people’s republic of China 

    Li, Bing; Kim, Seongdok (2021)

    Student leadership development has captured increasing concern in the field of education. Leadership plays an integral part in the fulfillment of 21st-century skills, namely, career and life skills,toadapt to the changing circumstancesand the need to cultivate talent. The present action research aimed to utilize effective OD interventions to develop students’leadership readiness and core leadership skills to enhance student engagement in campus-basedextracurricular activities in a privateuniversity in China. The acti...
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    How’s my English? The English communication needs of wellness spa therapists’ in Thailand 

    Jidapha Kraisri; Deocampo, Marilyn Fernandez (2021)

    This study focuses on the English communication needs of wellness spa therapists in Thailand. This is supported by an objective: to identify the needs of spa therapists in English communication specifically to the target situation. This study is deemed important so that a specific English language course can be recommended. The study employed a qualitative method employing observation and semi-structured interviews as instruments to collect data and used purposive sampling to select the participants. There were 30 spa therapists and one assista...
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    Hospitality and tourism industry Post-COVID-19: a silver lining in the dark cloud 

    Batra, Adarsh (2021)

    It is the sad truth that all hospitality and tourism (H&T) related businesses are experiencing setbacksin 2020, some greater than others, and are trying to navigate out of the storm. Coronavirus has changed the face of the global H&T industry which isnot the same as it was in 2019 and before it. Countries reliant on hospitality, and tourismfor their growth are experiencing particularly large disruptions. In the meantime, H&T businesses face tremendous uncertainty around what comes next. However, H&T businesses need to h...
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    Power relations, some positive workplace outcomes, and non-managerial hotel employees’ responses: evidence from Nigeria 

    Alausa, Bello Kayode; Batra, Adarsh (2021)

    The paper approaches the management of performance (attitudes and behavior) by exploring power relations among non-managerial employees of selected hotels in Nigeria. The qualitative paradigm is embraced, using in-depth interviews and constructivism to interrogate the perception of lower participants in organizations.Sixty-sevenresearch participants were involved.The study suggests that it is power relations that underlie the employees’ five positive workplace outcomes. The paper calls on management in organizations to concentra...
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    The effect of inclusive leadership on employee well-being: a case of XYZ bank in Yunnan, China 

    Lin, Chen (2020)

    In the context of economic globalization and the increase of global population mobility, in order to achieve better development, organizations must employ employees of different races, cultures, skills, and other different backgrounds, which directly leads to the increase of employee diversity. At the same time, with the improvement of the quality of life and the overall education level of the staff, the needs of the staff are differentiated. In order for these differentiated individuals to work happily, organizations must meet their diff...
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    A proposed improvement plan on competencies and skills using generative analysis approach: a case of the staff of the Office of Graduate Studies Assumption University of Thailand 

    Kalashami, Farzin Hassanzadeh (2020)

    The employees’ success at the workplace depends on their competence and skills to match job needs and make significant achievements to the institutional goals. The competency of employees within institutions depends on the knowledge, skills, and experience. The study focused on the identification of an improvement program on employee competency and skills within the office of graduate studies. The study demonstrated that the graduate school of business management plays an essential role in ensuring the employees attain the right competenc...
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    Identifying the factors to enhance training effectiveness: a case study of KNGY teacher volunteers, Myanmar 

    Paul, John (2020)

    The purpose of this study is to determine the current situation of the KNGY training program and to provide strategies for an enhanced training program in terms of training needs assessment, training contents, self-efficacy, supervisory support, and transfer of knowledge. The researcher used quantitative and qualitative approaches to gather data and information. The researcher distributed questionnaires to 76 teacher volunteers of KNGY, Myanmar. The researcher also interviewed eight staff from the management team. In this study, the data w...
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    Findings of main obstacles facing Thai SMEs towards business growth sustainability 

    Sumontha Tonvongval; Chamaiporn Tantivong (2020)

    This paper aims to provide insight information into main competencies thirty-four local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are lacking in order to achieve their business performance and sustained healthy economic growth. The data was obtained from Researchers' five day-planned productivity improvement to individual firms during the year 2017 to 2019 in Nakornpathom, Ratchaburi, Rayong, Samutprakan, and Samutsakorn provinces, and Bangkok. The information reveals that eighteen (18) or 52.94% of both small and medium enterprises have ...
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    Assessing employees’ belongingness for long-term sustainability of the company:a case of G Company, Bangkok, Thailand 

    Luo, Yijun; Barnes, John Arthur (2020)

    Employees’ belongingness is related to the long-term sustainability of the company and determines the core competitive talent advantage of the company. However, many companies, especially small-medium enterprises in Bangkok, have been plagued by the weak Employees’ belongingness and high employees’ turnover. This study examined the influencing factors on Compensation&Benefits, company culture, professional training, and career development four aspects of employees’ belongingness in G company Bangkok, Thailand. The objectives of this study...
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    Determining the influence of motivation and job satisfaction towards job performance of generation Y+Z employees of the RARE Company, China 

    Deng, Xiaowei

    The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors and job satisfaction on job performance of the employees in the RARE Company in China in response to recommended plans on enhancing their motivation for higher company's performance. Quantitative data got accumulated from 55 operational-level officers working at the RARE Company through questionnaires. The results of the data were analyzed by using mean score, multiple and simple linear regression, along with oneway ANOVA. The results of th...
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    Enhancing teaching effectiveness to foster student academic motivation and student engagement in the EFL classroom through organization development interventions: an action research of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages in China 

    Feng, Xiaolong; Kim, Seongdok (2020)

    The issue of student engagement is crucial in that it is not only conductive to students’ academic development, but also influences their everyday experiences, both socially and physiologically. So far, there is a dearth of empirical research on implementing ODI to effectively foster student engagement in Chinese EFL classroom. Thus, a systematic inquiry through action research is considered necessary and imperative. This current research focused on enhancing teaching effectiveness to foster student academic motivation and engagement in t...
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    To improve employee career success through organizational development intervention: an action research of AIA Co., Ltd. Changzhou Branch 

    Lin, Dong; Kim, Seongdok (2020)

    This study was aimed at the research of the organization development interventions on the employee career competency, emotional intelligence and self-efficacy to improve the employee career success in AIA Changzhou Branch, China. These three variables were regarded as employee career success behaviours and closely related to the development of the focal organization in currentstudy. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were utilized. The research methods were the questionnaire, semi-structured interview and participatory observation....
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