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    Determinant factors that affected reuse intention: a case study of Didi Chuxing Technology Company, Limited 

    Wang, Ting; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2018)

    This study examines the factors affecting reuse intention of the car service company, Didi in China. This study uses exploratory and explanatory mixed method sequential designed by Creswell (2011). There are two rounds of interview in order to confirm independent variables prior to quantitative methodology. As a result, this study distributes 201 sets of questionnaires via Wenjuanxing (online survey) from September to October 2018. Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) has applied through Statistical Analysis System (SAS) license number 12400609. ...
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    Exploring relationship among brand innovativeness, brand knowledge and brand Loyalty: a case study of Huawei smartphone 

    Zhiyuan, Yu; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2018)

    This study explores an impact of brand knowledge and brand innovativeness on brand loyalty. It is a case study of Chinese who has currently used Huawei smartphone in any series. The study applied explanatory and exploratory mixed method sequential designed by Creswell (2009). Both pilot study with two rounds of interview and literature reviews has produced the proposed conceptual model paralleled with questionnaire designated. Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) technique to measure two relationships amongst brand knowledge, brand innovativeness, ...
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    A study of purchase intention of imported organic cosmetic in Thailand 

    Pan, Qi; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2018)

    The research determines in which factors that impact on purchase intention of imported organic cosmetics in Thailand. This research used mixed method designed by Creswell (2011) which includes two phases. The first phase is explanatory sequential design; and the second phase is exploratory sequential design. The researcher has started an interview with two Thais who have had experienced at least once in purchasing imported organic product. Accordingly, three variables have confirmed. In the second phase, researcher designed a questionnaire ...
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    Factors affecting purchase intention of BYD new energy vehicles in China 

    Tan, Wenchao; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2019)

    This research aimed on how determinants factors (Brand Image, Brand Reputation, Selfimage congruence, Subjective Norm, Perceived Behavioral Control and Environmental Attitude) affect the purchase intention of BYD new energy vehicle, one of the new energy vehicles made by a Chinese brand. This study used the two mixed method design by Creswell (2008). The mixed method is a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. This study also seeks to identify the factors that influencing purchase intention of BYD new energy vehicles ...
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    Determinant factors that affect repurchase intention of OTOP Thai leather bags: a case study of the Thai millennials 

    Warakij Traiwitthayasilp; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2019)

    This research aimed on how determinants factors (Value and Luxury Value) impacted upon repurchase intention of OTOP leather bag. This study used explanatory and exploratory mixed methods research designed by Creswell (2011). Firstly, this study has developed specific operational components based on pilot study and two theories that comprise and theory of were planned behavior (abbreviated TPB). There were two rounds of pilot study prior to complete the proposed model followed by questionnaire design. All 200 sets of questionnaires were ...
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    A comparative study on the importance of customer orientation of frontline employees in the service industry 

    Papali, Andre Solomon; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2019)

    This research aims at finding a measurement system for companies to successfully measure their customer orientation. The research methodology adopted here would help companies to completely measure their customer’s outlook and to successfully integrate necessary changes to their internal structure.