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    Appearance comparison and body dissatisfaction of expatriate women in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Nantaraj Mansuwan; Weinstein, Ben (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    Body dissatisfaction has a powerful influence in mental and physical wellbeing in women. It has been linked to depression, anxiety and eating disorders. The current study examined how relocating to Thailand was related to body dissatisfaction in expatriate women through appearance comparison. In Thailand, the average female BMI is roughly 15% less than those of women from the USA and the UK. Previous research has shown that women have the tendency to compare themselves unfavorably with other women who were slimmer, even though it was negatively ...
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    Atita Uttravanich; Blauw, Jon Nicholas (Digital Production Press, Assumption University, 2018)

    It is well known that social media such as Facebook has gained popularity in recent years with its unique features facilitating communication among people from every part of the world. It can be the free space of self-presentation where users portray their flattering images through well-selected posts. Using correlational research design, this study aims to investigate the direct and indirect relationship between Facebook use, appearance comparison, body dissatisfaction, and self-esteem. Thai female Facebook users (n=171) aged between 20-74 years ...
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    A study of mass media impact on eating disorder: a path analysis study of the mediator variables of social comparison, body dissatisfaction, and self-esteem and the mediator variable of body image self-discrepancy 

    Shanaree Laohapongphan; Baluw, Jon; Rosechongporn Komolsevin (Digital Production Press, Assumption University, 2015)

    This study aims to investigate a causal relationship between mass media exposure to thinness ideal, and eventually, leading to eating disorder. The participants are 1,064 female undergraduate students age between 18-23 years in Bangkok. Survey questionnaire is the key methodology for data gathering and apply Structural Equation Models (SEM) for statistical analysis. The study comprises 2 phases; phase 1 is a psychometric properties test of instrument translation for Comparison to Models Survey (CMS) and Eating Attitudes Test-26 (EAT-26), from ...