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    A study of language learning strategies used by students learning Korean as a foreign language at Wat Makutkasat Secondary School of Thailand 

    Heejin, Yang (Assumption University, 2013)

    Language learning strategies are considered as an important factor for influencing and determining the success of language learning. In order to implement differentiated instruction to meet the diverse need of the learners it is vital to identify individual differences of students learning strategies. In this study, the use of language learning strategies was investigated among Thai student studying Korean as a Foreign Language at Mattayom Wat Makutkasat Secondary School. One hundred and seventy-nine students participated in this ...
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    A study of the relationship between use of bilingual strategies and academic performance of Assumption University's learners of French 

    Benassaya, Romain (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This study examines the relationship between students’ use of bilingual strategies and their academic performance in the Department of Business French of Assumption University (AU). A quantitative approach was adopted. The study includes a sample of 63 students learning French in AU. A questionnaire was elaborated to collect data about the frequency of use of bilingual strategies and the academic performance of students. Descriptive and correlational statistics, including a Pearson Product Moment computation of correlation, were used to interpret ...