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    A development of ICT competency leadership model for teachers in Saint Gabriel's foundation schools of Thailand 

    Verayuth Boonpram (Assumption University, 2012)

    This research aimed to (1) explore and (2) design the information and communication technology (ICT) competency leadership model for teachers as well as to (3) find out its efficiency and (4) propose it to maintain the high-academic profile of Saint Gabriel’s Foundation schools of Thailand. A mixture of qualitative and quantitative research designs using the five ICT indicators namely hardware, software, ICT communicative tools, teaching and learning and ethical standards were applied. The 4Is theory of transformational leadership factors ...
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    A model of effective challenge management strategies of chairpersons in private international university in Thailand 

    Kalpana Upadhya (Assumption University, 2011)

    Chairperson is an academic leader in Public and Private Higher Educational Universities in Thailand. This study mainly emphasizes on Private International Universities. There is a widespread perception of a lack of good leadership in our society in the phase of increasingly challenging problems and needs. This study emphasizes mainly on coping with demand and change in the market, and the expectation of stakeholders from private international universities. Learning, leading and progressing are deeply intertwined and we need to regard ...
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    A study of teacher utilization of smart board at Pan-Asia International School Bangkok 

    Qun, Chen (Assumption University, 2013)

    The current study was carried out how smartboard can motivate the students to learn more effectively and how smartboard has been used in each subject. Smartboard is an expensive teaching facility. To have it in the school, the teachers should have enough ability to use it and use it properly. Smartboard is a new technology especially in education, not only the teachers are facing to the new technical problems, the students also face to the challenge of new technology. The quantitative research approach was employed by means of a survey ...