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    Influence of attachment styles on the well-being of Maldivian University and college students, being mediated by prosocial behavior, social skills, self-esteem, and trust in others 

    Ibrahim, Aishath Jinanee; Natalie Chantagul; Madathil, Jayamala (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    The present investigation attempted to examine the direct and indirect influences of attachment style on well-being being mediated by prosocial behavior, social skills, self-esteem, and trust in others, and also to determine if the hypothesized paths would vary as a function of gender. A total of 1,110 Maldivian university and college students aged between 18 and 30 years consented to fill in a set of questionnaires. In the study two hierarchical models were posited, evaluated, and compared as to their efficacy in explaining the influence ...
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    The influence of materialism on well-being among Thai adolescents 

    Mattaneeya Chotima; Blauw, Jon (Digital Production Press, Assumption University, 2016)

    This investigation attempted to examine the influence of materialism on well-being, mediated by gratitude, anxiety, and depression among Thai adolescents. Operationally, well-being encompassed the factors of academic performance, social integration, and life satisfaction. Data were collected from 1,200 university students in the Bangkok area. A self-administered survey questionnaire in Thai was employed for data collection. The questionnaire consisted of the following: a researcher-constructed set of questions to elicit demographic information, ...
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    Influences of temperament types on university students' well-being, academic performance and college adjustment 

    Embalzado, Henzel Tagalog; Varma, Parvathy (Digital Production Press, Assumption University, 2017)

    The purpose of this present study was to investigate the influence of the temperament types toward university students’ well-being, academic performance and college adjustment. Temperament types are basic dimensions of personality that are fundamentally based on biology and genetics. Its biological foundation posits that temperamental traits are relatively stable, consistent across cultures and situations, and evident throughout the lifespan. The marked individual differences are due to the developmental processes—a byproduct of maturation, ...