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    A model of effective challenge management strategies of chairpersons in private international university in Thailand 

    Kalpana Upadhya (Assumption University, 2011)

    Chairperson is an academic leader in Public and Private Higher Educational Universities in Thailand. This study mainly emphasizes on Private International Universities. There is a widespread perception of a lack of good leadership in our society in the phase of increasingly challenging problems and needs. This study emphasizes mainly on coping with demand and change in the market, and the expectation of stakeholders from private international universities. Learning, leading and progressing are deeply intertwined and we need to regard e...
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    Evaluation of E-CMS using tam : focusing on lecturer acceptance 

    Hatane, Saarce Elsye; Tangke, Natali, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2011)
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    An educational intervention to improve cross-cultural, conflict resolution skills in Thai medical tourism 

    Richeson, William M. (Assumption University, 2011)

    While low English language proficiencies create significant barriers to communication, cultural dimensions in Thai medical tourism make cross-cultural conflict resolution (CCCR) even more problematic. Previous studies and interventions in English Language Teaching (ELT), English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and Medical English Education (MEE) have focused on English language skills and cross-cultural knowledge. Significant improvements in conflict resolution skills have not been noted. This intervention integrates medical English and c...