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    The relationship between teachers' perception towards their leadership capacity and school climate in the lovers of the cross of Ubon Ratchathani Schools, Thailand 

    Watcharaporn Nakpansa; Yan, Ye (2019)

    The purpose of this research was to determine the relationship between teachers’ perceptions towards their leadership capacity and school climate in five selected schools under the leadership of the Lovers of the Cross of Ubon Ratchathani Congregation. The researcher used the high leadership capacity instrument adopted from Kujur (2016), and based on Lambert’s (2003) Leadership Capacity School Survey (LCSS), as well as the Schools’ Organizational Climate Survey (SOCS) adopted from Josaphat (2005). The results of this study showed that the...
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    Support for Voluntary and Nonvoluntary Euthanasia: What Roles Do Conditions of Suffering and the Identity of the Terminally Ill Play? 

    Ho, Robert; Natalie Chantagul (2015)

    This study investigated the level of support for voluntary and nonvoluntary euthan- asia under three conditions of suffering (pain; debilitated nature of the body; burden on the family) experienced by oneself, a significant other, and a person in general. The sample consisted of 1,897 Thai adults (719 males, 1,178 females) who voluntarily filled in the study’s questionnaire. Initial multivariate analysis of variance indicated significant group (oneself, significant other, person in general) differences in level of support for voluntary an...
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    A Theoretical Synthesis of Knowledge Sharing and Educational Leadership for Sustaining Learning Communities 

    Kanog-on Rungrojngarmcharoen (2013)

    Knowledge is one of the crucial and dominant economic resources in order to obtain sustainable advantages in any community. The world is now shifting faster thanks to the advanced development of digital connectivity and increasing access to knowledge. Leaders of a community, society, or country must contemplate what factors concerned in the emergent era of valuable network that fosters learning communities. To some extent, learning communities benefit each individual member and the community as a whole as they generate economic prosperity ...
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    A student on teachers' followership styles and strategies for developing followership skills in Soochow University, Chaina 

    Yan, Ye (2008)

    The study was conducted to identify teachers‘ followership styles at Soochow University; to identify the most important followership skills and characteristics; as well as the important followership skills that the university lacks in its training program as the teachers perceived at Soochow University, and to provide some key training themes and suggestions that will help develop teachers‘ followership skills at Soochow University. The examined population was comprised of 133 randomly selected instructors from seven different departments of So...