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    Teaching English Stress: Can Song-Lyric Reading Combined with Mobile Learning Be Beneficial to Non-English Majors? 

    Di, Wu (Assumption University Press, 2018-08)

    Although stress patterns in English and Chinese are strikingly different, most English learners in China have overlooked or ignored this difference, resulting in poor speaking performance. In an attempt to approach this issue, this study designs the mobile assisted language learning (MALL) based instruction by integrating stress lessons on the mobile application and adopting song lyric-reading as stress pattern training, aiming to help college students improve their speaking performance in terms of English stress. Two groups of Chin...
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    Current Debates in the Theory and Teaching of English L2 Pronunciation 

    Danka, Sandor (Assumption University Press, 2018-08)

    Ironically, the single concept that appears to be universal in the field of English pronunciation research and instruction, its common denominator as it were, is diversity. Research theory and classroom practice have both convincingly proven that explicit training may indeed lead to improvements in a learner’s clarity of speech, but it seems that everything else is open for debate. Variability in opinions begins with different interpretations of basic concepts, of individual speech sounds, syllables, phrases and utterances. Correctl...
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    Teachers' attitude towards the use of translanguaging in Myanmar English language classrooms 

    Phone, Su Myat Myat (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2018)
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    A study of English stress instruction based on song lyrics and mall 

    Di, Wu (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2017)
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    Ideal L2 Self and Ought-to L2 Self: A Study in the Thai Context 

    Ratchaporn Rattanaphumma (2016)

    The study of motivation has been one of main interesting areas in second language teaching and learning. The integrative and instrumental motivation proposed by Gardner and Lambert (1972) has been challenged by the rise of global English and the changing purposes of English language teaching, learning, and using worldwide. In this study, the new theory of L2 Motivational Self System (Dornyei, 2005) has been used as the framework. The objectives of the study were to: 1) explore how students view themselves as L2 users; and 2) explore ...
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    Literature in Language Teaching: What, Why and How? 

    Rajeevnath Ramnath (2016-07)

    This paper addresses some of the major issues related to the teaching of literature as a specialist subject and as a language teaching resource. The discussion includes an overview of the term literature, the possible reasons for using literature in language teaching and what it means to go beyond the traditional term of literature in the context of language education. Finally, some of the approaches to the teaching of literature have been discussed.
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    A Pedagogical Perspective of Translanguaging in the ASEAN Context: A Lesson from Blogging 

    Deocampo, Marilyn Fernandez (2016)

    The focus of this study is to highlight how multilingual society such as in the Philippines and Singapore use translanguaging (Garcia, 2009), an umbrella term which is more than hybrid languages (Gutierrez et al., 1999) and code-switching and code-mixing (Bautista 2004; Mahootian, 2006) in journalistic blogs provided by and Translanguaging is a linguistic resource used by various respondents to express their thoughts and feelings. The data in this study suggests that the majority of the participants exhibit a h...
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    "Ante et Retro Occulata": Looking Back and Looking Forward 

    Foley, Joseph A. (2014)

    This article briefly looks at what changes might occur linguistically with the widening of English within ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) while at the same time looking at the changes that have taken place in both the language and attitude in the history of English in its country of origin in terms of two forms of imperative: the cooperative and the territorial. In one case, the cooperative imperative is seen as a need to continually modify the language in order to communicate with people within new contexts and cultures. On the other, the...
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    Western Travelogue Films Set in Siam during the Silent Film Era: A Case Study of In Siamese Society (USA 1919) 

    Klemm, Alexander J. (2014-08)

    Thailand’s great variety of panoramas, its thriving domestic film industry and the country’s well-developed infrastructure, have been attracting western filmmakers for over one hundred years. Hence, the number of western-produced films in Thailand in the 20th century is substantial. However, only little research about selected films made after the Second World War has been conducted. And studies of relevant films made prior, when Thailand was still named Siam, are virtually non-existent. This apparent lack of academic interest in these fil...
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    Medical Mysteries: Madness, Magic, Malevolent Doctors in Contemporary Thai Horror Film 

    Ancuta, Katarzyna (2014)

    For some inexplicable reason, contemporary Thai horror fi lms seem to be obsessively featuring members of medical profession as central fi gures of evil, capable of committing unspeakable crimes and not even once presenting them in a more positive light. By doing so, the fi lms in question upset the typical horror balance of good doctors vs. mad/evil doctors and make one wonder about the possible rationale behind such negative representation of the profession. This article argues that the negative portrayal of medical professionals in con...
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    English language education in Thailand and AEC 2015 

    Rajeevnath, Ramnath (2015-06)

    This paper will shed light on how Thailand, which is a key player in ASEAN should reposition itself to the English language and education needs of AEC 2015. I will provide a brief overview ASEAN 2015 and examine the current status of English language teaching in Thailand before considering the role of English in education. I will introduce the concept of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) and point out the differences between the time honored tradition of using English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) b...
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    A study of Thai high school text books from an ELF perspective 

    Ramnath, R. (2015-12)

    This paper is a study of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) features of English text books used in the high schools of Thailand. In the first part of the paper, the author will provide an overview of the study in terms of background and rationale before explaining the theoretical concept of ELF. In the second part, the author will discuss ELF features in terms of characters, contexts of use and varieties of English found in the materials selected for the study. The findings are meant to create awareness among teachers and language educa...
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    The use of English as a lingua franca in translation 

    Foley, J. A.; Deocampo, M. F. (2016-01)

    In translation, not only two languages but two cultures come into contact which means that translators must consider who wrote the text, when, why, for whom and who is now reading it and for what purpose. In the wake of rapid technological advances and the need to spread information quickly and efficiently, translation has grown in importance in the globalized world. So has its reliance on English in its role as a global lingua franca. English is often being used for ‘interculturalizing’ native languages but it is also true that E...
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    The Portrait of a City: Lawrence Osborne’s Bangkok Days 

    Klemm, Alexander J. (2012-07)

    The novel Bangkok Days (2009) by Lawrence Osborne offers reflections on the identity of Thailand’s capital and its expatriate residents. The novel taps into Westerners’ imagination and misconceptions of Asia and their fascination with Bangkok. Through a semi-fictional narrative where personal experiences of a wandering narrator, subjective impressions and historical facts merge, the novel attempts to disentangle many of Bang-kok’s apparent complexities and enigmas. This paper seeks to analyze Bangkok Days ’ portrayal of the city and its ...
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    Literature in the Web of Language Teaching 

    Rajeevnath Ramnath (2012-12)
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    Foley, Joseph (2012)

    This study investigated the language choices in the writing of freshmen students at an English medium university in Thailand in response to visual stimuli. The study involved identifying the genres and the lexico-grammatical features associated with such genres. 600 samples of writing were collected but only 72 were randomly selected from 12 students in order to compare their progress over a period of 14 weeks (one semester). The framework for the analysis of the students writing was based on a detailed approach to these texts as semantic...
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    Developing Academic Writing in a Business Oriented University 

    Foley, Joseph (2013-01)

    This research investigated the development of language choices in the Academic writing of students at an English-medium university in Thailand. The first part involved looking at the writing in the first semester of their English program at the university, representing the level of the students’ writing on entry into the university. Seventy two samples of first year students’ writing were collected, but only 12 were randomly selected for this study in order to compare their progress over a period of 14 weeks (first semester). The secon...
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